Coil society or Twistedmesses

Hello everyone.
Was just checking on net and here about coil building. And found these 2 brands for wires. Compared almost wires and found price difference that is not ignorable. Can any one explain what is reason of price difference?
Which brand is good in quality?

I know few coil makers are using Coil Society with good results and many are using twistedmesses with great results.

It will be my very first purchase if i select the right brand.

Thanks in advance.


Price comparison for same wires, i think.


Usually you can only tell good nicrome by putting in your mouth. So buy one of each and wrap your tongue around and roll, should taste like nichrome


How can i tell the best by testing Nichrome with my tongue when i never tasted before… :see_no_evil:


Coil society wire and especially the ribbon is a pleasure to work with. The Twisted Messes guy is an old school builder who started selling wires. Most times it’s ridiculously over priced but it’s still good wire. If I’m gonna over pay for wire or ribbon, I’d rather get it from Kidney Puncher (Or now called: KP Wire). Their stuff is top notch, and also comes off the spool nice and strait.

I’ve used lots of different brands for wires over the past couple of years. I mainly use KP, Coil Society, Temco, or Wire Optim. Coil Clout is another that I’ve used and their N80 is fine but didn’t like their higher gauge (Clapton wrap sizes) kanthal. Their spooling is fine but it wasn’t as manageable as the others. It just seemed really springy or rigid. I usually stock up at the above places during sales. I go through LOTS of 40 & 42ga N80 since I stagger just about everything. Those are my preferred sizes to use on stags. The style calls for a lot of it especially with multiple cores. I think you could be happy using any one of those companies for N80 vs over paying for Twisted Messes. If you can find it for cheap, go for it though. It’s not magically way better than the others or anything like that.