Coil wraps

I just recently (last couple days) started building my own coils. I have a coil jig and everything. I don’t however have an ohmmeter yet.
I was curious if there was a hard and fast rule as to how many “wraps” I should be looking to do around the die? I’ve seen anywhere from 4 wraps up to 7 wraps. What dictates how many wraps you should make?


Steam Engine is what I use. You need to know what kind of wire it is…and the size (awg)… Also the diameter of the jig. Getting a ohm meter or a good mod to tell you resistance is a must in my opinion. Learn ohms law…and battery safety. Always be safe.


Use Steam Engine… I’ll leave Ohm’s Law to others…

The resistance R in ohms (Ω) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V) divided by the current I in amps (A)


Your target resistance, what type and gauge of wire you use, and the inner diameter of the coil you want. Then go to Steam-Engine and plug all the variables in and it’ll tell you how many wraps to make.


well… all depends on your personal preferences…

if you want warm vapor, or cooler, the space you have to make your coil, how many watts you want to use (or your mod can give) etc…and depends also if you want to make a single coil or a dual coil or building with more coils…

in general i like best not doing over 5 wraps on my coils, depending the ohms i want to make i choose the right wire gauge… this way i get a nice vape, working on lower watts (for example a 22ga wire needs many more watts than a 26ga for making a 0,5ohm coil while it needs more room)… in general everything matters to build your coil, starting from what you like more and the hardware you’re using… the room you have to make your builds etc… :slight_smile: will help you a lot …
if you want an android application for this… i would suggest Vape Tool PRO (it worths to pay for it)

gl and hf :slight_smile:


Steam engine as said is the go to when on a pc but there are some decent android apps as well that I find easier to use when doing claptons. The one I use the most (only?) of the ones I have installed is ‘vape tool


Steam engine works pretty good in an iPhone.

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Initially, you need to find out how hot or cool a vape you like, im guessing you have tried either an ego style vape setup or a subohm setup, based on that resistance you like, you have to experiment with different wires, i recommend starting with Kanthal since its the cheapest and most common wire used, then try different wire gauges and different wrap amounts, more wraps equals more juice coverage, more heat and more power, same pertains to multiple wire build, experiment and get an ohm meter, itll help with your rebuilding skills in a large way, be aware of battery amp limits as well as resistance prior to firing, is most vapers go to for information and safety. Welcome to the world of rebuilding!