Coilart Azeroth rta clone advice

Just got one…er…two of these beauties off of e-bay for half price of the originals! They come with both a nice duel coil velocity style deck and the super nifty triple coil deck. Claim to be made in the same factory. I believe this to be true actually, for a couple of reasons. First they LOOK and seem very much to be the exact same as any close up pics of either the tank or included decks. Second, and most importantly, there very likely seconds. The tiny tiny short grubs that hold the coil legs in the triple deck don’t go all the way to the back of the hole when screwed in tight (well, 3 out of 6). If someone is carefull, like I was’nt the first time, you can just double one leg of the coil over on itself and it will fill the post hole sufficiantly to clamp it in. If you try to force it AT ALL, you will be saddened when the cheap POS microscopic grub strips and gets hopelessly stuck in your shiny new deck.
The velocity deck is a different beast all together. Nice, average sized grubs. Beefy looking uprights. Nice large air holes. Solid, right? Maybe not. First lead i tried to secure, that nice grub screw pushed right through the upright.
I’m not a barbarian. Upon closer inspection, I believe the holes were drilled closer to the edge then intended, thus making the clamp point very thin. I also believe THATS what make these production seconds. I had learned on the first ones and the second decks turned out fine. Just need to be rediculiousy carefull
All that being said tho, it’s otherwise a very nice tank. 4.5 ml cap. Decent size build deck. Nailed the wicking on the first go-round and all the threading (other then previously mentioned) was very smooth. Flavor also seems very decent but shes a bit thirsty with 3 kids(coils) to feed. Glad I mix my own now! Anyway, hope this helps someone avoid some trouble if your cheap like me and looking to save $20. Peace.