Coils.. Do we really need to pulse them?

I mean, it gave me the “curly arrow” reply notification but it was a reply to Vol

I always dry fire my homemade coils. I like to burn off any crap that might be on them. I also dry fire them if i change the cotton, just to burn off any residue from the last juice they heated.

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I think because it’s your thread. I’m getting the same thing on threads I started.

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Simple, and my apologies for taking so long to reply…



I never pulse and I’m using micro coils all the time with standard 28 gage in tanks and 24 gage in rda, never had any hot spots and always get a great vape, to say a machine has more consistency is crazy talk lol, you trust a machine over hand wound lol, crazy, I know exactly how many winds I like and just how much tension to put on each coil, sorry but it’s already been proven pulsing can have a negative effect when inhaling,

I try not to hold the coil being pulsed near my nose and inhaling. This helps with most negative effects,


Hence the logo, a must in every builders kit

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