Coils turning blue after they cool...why?

OK, so I bought premade coils from fasttech for when I am lazy, right…I threw in a couple of twisted coils and pulsed them red hot and was about to straighten them out when I noticed one of the coils turning blue…what does this mean? Anyone?

They must be stainless steel coils? Steel turns blue as it is heated (tempered)…

Two different coils did it…a twisted coil and a Clapton coil…is that OK to vape then? I’ve got nothing to worry about? That’s not titanium? Not gonna hurt my Sigelei?

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It should be fine :smile: Looks cool, doesn’t it? :smile:

My guess is that it’s stainless steel…


Well now that my initial paranoid reaction has been subdued, yes, yes it does look pretty cool…thanks, a lot, brother… :sunglasses:


Doesn’t nichrome do this ? I m not sure but I vaguely remember someone saying that


You’re right. Nichrome and a few other metals do the same…


thanks, guys…i specifically remember the order now, it was nichrome…

Yep Nichrome turns blue