Cold/ice vape how to?

Doesn’t have to be RF SC but a blue raz and lemonade mix are great for summer


I got into DIY about the time that the RF threads were blowing up so naturally alot of my flavors are RF SC. I recently purchased the RF One Drops and despite all the negative remarks about menthol, I ordered a bottle but still haven’t tried it yet. I’m guessing that might be an easy way to add some icy sensation to any mix when the mood strikes. :triumph:

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Koolada and ws-23 cooling agent? This might be a winner for me… I’ve been using the $8 deal on Caktus at the moment for Halo Frostbite. And I have read comments that it feels too cool. Honestly, I could even go cooler. P.S. if U take up the $8 deal (if it’s still going) expect a possible mess of some fluid leaking. Apparently the pressure in the plane has been cracking some lids open. Hence why they are on special.

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Here is a heap of info on menthol derivatives

TLDR The important bit for the ultimate chill is

Koolada is WS-3 and can have a slight muting effect on your recipe (i would suggest perfect your recipe) then use either ws-23 for a mild chill or ws-5 for super cold as neither of these will have any effect on the recipe taste.


Isn’t Koolada usually sold as a 10% solution vs WS-23 a 30% solution?
Would that make a ws-23 concentrate a stronger cooling agent for our use than koolada?

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You can buy ws-23 at 10% 20% 30% so it will totally depend on the reseller and their % used - but yes a 30% ws-23 is colder (while a 20% ws-23 is about the same but much better to use) than a 10% ws-3, however a 10% ws-5 is much colder than a 30% ws-23