Colourings either man made of natural

By what I’ve read concerning manufacturers/vendors on flavours I’ve not seen anything on the use of colouring either man made or natural colouring to give say your favourite vape juice a blackberry hue.
As I make juice for a family member the question has given rise to same Mmmmm moments because quite frankly I don’t see the point of it. Say like a well known brand that when new is the colour pink but after a few weeks the colour disappears, so it beggars believe why add it any way. I do know that some flavours do change the end result (depending on volume strengths etc).
Anybody out there had the same thoughts.
Are you dead against using colouring at any risk. (Which is my view btw)
No point, colouring is for the icing sugar. Lol
Let me know what you think.



I’m fine if the color comes from natural ingredients but not would prefer no coloring is added.


I choose to not add something that is mot needed. For me adding a dye to me isn’t tested for inhalation safety so therefore isn’t something I would add. It is also something not needed to enhance the flavor…so again not needed.


You have to remember that flavorings are not only used in vaping but in things like candy making where that may be desirable. If not making a point in believing so, you may buy a flavoring not suitable to vape. Gl to u!