Come Together - What can we do?

Reading over in another thread I was inspired by Ms @Maureeenie …there’s some wisdom here. As far as Advocacy and winning the fight against the FDA Deeming Regs and the blatant Corporate takeover attempt of Global Vapage and our Right to Choose, what needs to be focused on is the positivity of Vapers, and using everything at our command to influence non-Vapers with the Real Truth …to shatter that curtain of pre-conceived notions re: exploding batteries and 11 year-olds vaping in Jr. Highs. We are in fact regular honest folk (Voters!) that are working hard to do whats best for ourselves and our families …simple as that.

We must find a way to make vaping seem smart and positive, and that can only be accomplished with a grassroots focus that the gentile non-nicotine consuming public can swallow, because while it is about Corporate corruption and overstepping Human Rights for money …that’s a hard sell. This will never happen unless VAPERS give up their negativity and self centeredness …if we only had a Martin Vapor King.

Consider this BUMPED bitches! @Maureeenie you are definitely on to something here. The rally is a brewin’. When it gets closer and Vapers start losing ground on the Right to make their own choices (which don’t include cigarettes), we are all going to need to gain PUBLIC ground with non-vapers alike. This is another corrupt Prohibition! I want to see TV commercials and pro-vaping news stories and Million Vaper Marches! CLOUDS BITCH! …we need a catchy theme song and a vapin’ high-five, and a universal welcome for our fellows also about to lose their Rights …or they have already won.


I wrote my congressman and told him my story. That I had smoked since I was 13, and yes I knew it as wrong, that was part of the intrigue. that I had smoked for 44 years with the help of vaping I had been able to quit, I am coming up on two and a half years of being cig free. My Dr told me my lungs sound as if I had never smoked and my blood pressure was down some, not as much as he wanted but better. Knowing how I was and setting aside being an adult thinking back to when I was 13 I devised many ways to get cigarettes including stealing them from my father. then being able to buy them with no questions at some places at 15. Realizing that Kids are going to get the devices and the juice no matter what we do. Just like drinking in prohibition times. That being said if it had to be I would much rather see my kids vape as opposed to smoke. So in closing no it’s not right and we do all we can to stop kids from getting them, a lot more than the people who sell cigarettes do. Vape Shops don’t allow kids inside unless accompanied by a parent. you can get cigarettes at the grocery store. The FDA rules and the covt wanting to tax them like tobacco wasn’t going to change who gets them and who doesn’t . It’s not fair to make us pay for the pharmacy and tobacco companies loss in profit so they could keep up their presence in Washington.


I keep re reading this … I think you may have just written part of the theme song :wink:


I have never inspired anyone before… but thank you!

The new one I heard today that was such $#%^& nonsense. It was a report in the media that said teenagers that vaped for two years ended up on cigarettes.

I thought to myself… Oh really Altria? You are gonna try the old…“Reefer madness marijuana is a gateway to heroin” trick now? Thank “Tia Vapes” for “CLOUDS BITCH” lol


More than likely because Laws have been passed so they can not, and their parents can not, buy them vape equipment. What’s left, cigarettes. Duh, ya think…


My favorite wake up fairy tale:


Fookin’ brilliant!


“CLOUDS BITCHES!!!” LOL … Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think about that… your right.

That’s just awesome!


You do know that drinking milk will eventually lead to alcoholism don’t you? Studies have shown that every alcoholic started out drinking milk.


Exactly Josephine!


Clearly… Cows are an alcohol related product


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Those of us who have believed AGW is a hoax all this time know the truth of this picture all too well.