Comment Notification Bug

There is a recipe that I commented on that currently has a conversation going. However the link given in the email brings up a file not found but the recipe is there there, I just have to search for it to go look at the comment. =/

Can you paste the link here?

This is what I get in the email

This is where it should be going

Huh? To me works (though the link should be - it redirects me to - What browser are you using?

Yeah that does actually work, I just noticed. However I clicked on the link and apparently that’s not the url the link points to.

When clicking the link the first url that opens is this

So the # actually changes to %23

Anyway, I’m using Chrome, email app I’m using is Windows Mail (Windows 10 built in)

Hmm ok. But the link in the email isn’t that: - without the #comment that is? What email client are you using? Perhaps I should put an actual link in the email…

I uploaded a picture, yeah the #comment is actually on the link =/

I’m using Windows Mail (the one built in to Windows 10)

Ok, thanks for reporting it! I will see if I can’t do a fix! :slightly_smiling:

No worries, keep up with good work. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s working now thanks :smiley: