Comments on creating an apple cinnamon ice cream recipe

I wanted to test out some LB Vanilla Ice Cream at the manufacturers recommended % so I have 30ml of a tester going mixed at 11% LB and 1% HS French Vanilla. Smells devine.

I was thinking about adding something else to it and thought about some caramel, apple, and cinnamon. Maybe 4% double apple cap, just a tiny drop of Rich cinnamon flavorah, and maybe 1% fa caramel.

Whatcha think?


When you find your happy place with the ice cream base, there’s no end to the possible additions to be honest. Trail and error, all the usual things.


That sounds delicious! Only thing I can think of is that 11% is quite a bit higher than i see most mixers use. It might be great, though! If you find out after adding more ingredients (or after a good steep) that your mix is a mess, try it down around 4% (or 5 or 8%? I don’t know)


Of course it’s your choice at the end, but the question is what do I think :wink:

Having all these flavors and used them quite frequently, I am aware of the strength as well as actual taste of these concentrates. Of course it’s subjective as usual, but (lb) vanilla ice cream when fully steeped (21 days) is a very buttery nearly custard like cream with very bright vanilla . So higher you go more buttery it becomes, turning into actual butter.

(Hs) French vanilla to me is extremely potent just like the ice cream or some of their other creams. Too me this vanilla doesn’t pair well with the ice cream from LB. It will leave a musky mess imo instead of turning it into a vanilla bean ice cream, I am assuming you were going for?

At these percentages there’s not one concentrate that you could throw at it, that won’t get swallowed. Save your other flavors, you won’t taste them.

Let it steep and try the ice cream mixture, see if you like it. If you wanted that apple, caramel and cinnamon in there, then start at 1.50%-5% (this in my opinion is the absolute max if you still want to taste other flavors in the mix! -any higher just use it as single flavor)

Apple percentage is alright, imo.
Caramel needs to be supported by a butterscotch or second caramel since (fa) caramel won’t break through that thick ice cream by itself. Taking it higher, I get off notes from it, maybe you wont. Test and see.


Estorm thanks yet again for the input! Let me clarify I meant the HS French Vanilla ice cream not the vanilla flavor. Through researching the LB ice cream I read where the HS French Vanilla compliments the LB. Thought I’d give it a shot.

Good advice on the percentages. I just wanted to see what it was like at the manufacturers recommended %. Think I will drop it way down though. Been using it in other recipes at 2% and like it.

Guess now I have to order some butterscotch. :yum: It never ends.


Haven’t had the HS but use the LB VIC often , I never go higher than 3.75 in a mix and love to compliment it with another vanilla like inw shisha or MF at .5 to 1 pct , and I like to add another cream as well like FLV cream or Cap sweet cream at .5 . … Adding the rich cinnamon to an apple like Caps double apple or Purilium country apple sounds good but I think your gonna need to push those apples to SF percentages to show up after a long enough steep ( wiwich you will need for the crreams to mature ) but great idea


Ditto. I usually keep the vic at 4% or less and I really like adding tfa French vanilla deluxe for a very rich standalone vanilla ice cream, or fa fresh cream for ice cream that is going to have other sweet layers (like apple or caramel).

You’ve already gotten great advice here, so I’m probably not helping any more than everyone else already has, but I thought I’d chime in anyway. :wink: I’ll be interested to see what you come up with, @scifoc!


@scifoc your approach is spot on …a Top Note (VIC) a Mid Note (Apple/Cin) and a Finish. Cinnamon (FLV) is difficult to manage, but accurate, and the advice above is true …you need something able to punch through the VIC (LB). My new fav Cinnamon is Cinnamon Crunch (FLV) …very enjoyable as I love Cinnamon but it’s easily overpowering (palate overload) and the Cinnamon Crunch is not so strong. Maybe Apple Pie (CAP) with that little bit of crust and cooked apple? Best of Luck! …watching this one sounds YUM :wink:


and this flave is very versatile …


Cinnamon Crunch is a great finish. The Rich Cinnamon might be more of a Mid Note …I brain-taste this as Ice Cream -> Apple(Caramel?) -> Cinn …YMMV


All good ideas! Really making my mouth water…got a 4% lb vanilla ice cream tester base steeping.

I was doing some research and ran across this site: Made me think about trying his apple combination and see how it works out. He has a really good explanation of the layering of flavors. Might have to think about this some more.


Wow, that really made Layering 101
Just goes to show how important it is to know your Flavors. This outta be moved to making Recipes: Layering if we have a place for it.


Sounds awesome…youre correct go very light on the cinnamon it’s pretty strong😊