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Commercial Juice is harsh


I recently bought some juice from a local vape shop that is very harsh. I’m still tinkering with mixing so I still buy commercial. Is there anything I can add to it so it isn’t so Harsh?


Often people say that about their own juices when they just start mixing :smiley:
Have you tried different brands and flavors, different pg/vg ratios? Tried any one-shots (the easiest DIY)? Different nicotine strengths?
By trying different things, maybe you can find out what exactly makes it harsh.

Even in DIY there are flavors that are more harsh than others, some need longer steeping or breathing. Some people are specifically sensitive to a certain component of concentrates (e.g. alcohols or even pg in flavors).

Sometimes you can take a harshness away with some flavor enhancers, if you know what you’re doing. As a starting DIY’er I really would look for an answer somewhere else.


i assume you talking about the commercial juice right ??? i guess you might be able to add a couple drops of MTS ( fa ) or smooth ( Tpa ) this way you dont change the ratio so much

note : this is an assumption and not tested


It is going to depend greatly on what is creating the harshness
To smooth flavours you can try stevia but I suspect it may already be sweet so that may be too much sweet. It may also help to just let it steep for a bit.

You can try


But don’t use much of either of them.

If it is caused by Nic then there are solutions but they are a little more complex (the above will help out a little with nic).

Edit: @fidalgo_vapes beat me to it


w/o know why its harsh, just to get thru the mls u bought, u can try distilled water or saline, a tad like .5 % till its tolerable


If the juice you bought at your local vape shop was made in-house there’s a chance that it’s still too fresh and will require some time to age. Just a thought…


Maybe a careful warning that MTS just needs drops… it’s easy to ruin a bottle of juice if you use too much. Don’t have experience with Smooth.

I’d probably first try and let it steep a little more, let it breathe if you get some alcohol smell from it.


you added the links is why :wink: @worm1 has a good suggestion i was think of adding a cream at a .5 pct to 1 pct as well maybe even MM but the commercial juice is sweet already probably like you said , plus it could completely change the juice


Give it to that “friend”


Yes I am talking about the commercial juice. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Thank you for the suggestions. MTS? Remember I’m a noob :blush:


MTS and smooth are similar additives just diff brands, other additves can be found


its all good , mts is from flavour art and it stands for mellow , thicken , smooth. read the links worm1 added they will explain better than i could


LOL yeah I thought about that too!


Good info there … thank you


I did and it was very helpful. Thank you


Yah I was going to do that to see what happens. Thanks


Should I let it steep with or without the caps on?


leave caps on


Like @fidalgo_vapes said.
Personally, the only time I ever leave a cap off is if any flavors in the mix use alcohol in the carrier base. Let’s it evaporate off.