Commercial juice sucralose

Never having any commercial juice, yet. I’m interested to know what percentage of say 10% sucralose you think is in their mixes. On average.


I am sure that it is between 1-3% for most sweet juices.
3% is sickly sweet IMO, but it also masks crappy flavours and flavour pairings.

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Thanks, I’ve read a lot on the forum about them having high amounts. I was interested most particularly what constitutes high amounts.

I’ve a sweet tooth & in my own mixes I’m finding success from 0.2 to highest I have is 1.5%. This is in a mix with spearmint & I found I needed that much at first. The balance is not quite there so I’ll go back down a little.

Yes I could see over say even 2% getting cloying

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I’d say most vendors use capella super sweet anywhere from 1-3%. I do know 1 juice maker that only uses 0.75% in most of his mixes.

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I don’t use it in any of my juices (ok, maybe one or two personal mixes), and certainly not in the ones in my juice line.
I think EM and Marshmallow, as well as Sweet Cream can give a mix enough sweetness without having to resort to sucralose.


I like sweet juice but I’m using 0.25 - 0.5 Cap SS when I do. Changing that up now as I want to switch to Stevia or marshmallow instead. EM just doesn’t work for me, tastes funny in a mix but I know it is in certain flavors by default tho.

For a few weeks now I have been switching out commercial sweeteners in favour of a liquid stevia (not Pyure brand), although its early days to draw conclusions on gunking (early indications are favourable IMO ), to my taste the stevia is a better product in that it doesnt have that cloying feel or unpleasant aftertaste.

In some recipes, especially some clones, I want that slightly over sweetened effect of the original juices and stevia allows me to replicate that without having to drink litres of water to flush out the chemical after taste.

Along with the addition of a tiny %age of citric acid, stevia has turned vaping the fruity juices I`ve made into a whole new experience

All the foregoing is just my opinion of course


Well I’m wondering how they get the juicyness (sugar lips), cause TFA sweetener doesn’t seem to do that for me