Common Sense DIY

With hardware, yes; I only have an RX200S that I have been using for 2-3 years, one velocity V2 for dripping, and one Alpha Ohmega BFT tank.

Flavors, well, that’s a whole different story…


much cheaper at least for me , the difference is instead of spending 9bucks a day x2 and sometimes x3 the amount spent at once is higher forr vape stuff . Each year while smoking i spent a minimum of 7000$ i havent spent close to that in 2.5years


@Cutlass92 and I did the math last night. Even after buying multiple mods, lots and lots and lots of flavors, so many tanks/rdas/rtas and so on, all totaling well over $1000 in the last seven months, we have still saved about $1500 over if we were still buying cigarettes. :tada:


I spent about € 150,- a month for smoking. Tabak, 20 (a 30g) packs a month. For two years it was ok, but now this virus is back. In German we call it: HWV - Haben will Virus. I want virus. I´m sure this virus is worldwide. I hope i´m cured soon. But yes, you are right. Under the line there is a +. But the feeling is different.



@Weedhunter I have to give you a :+1::star_struck::tada: right outta the gate for the Ultimate Warrior !!!

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