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I’m just wondering if searching for your best DIY (Flavors, Mixes, Tanks, RDAs , Mods) ever end.

I’ve been DIYing for a while now and probably over the last 5-6 months I find myself to be pretty happy with my DIY situation and I’m barely spending any $$$ to maintain.

Anyone else found their sweet spot or does this search never end IYO?


I think the longer you do it the more you “cherry pick” IE you don’t have to have everything just stuff that gets recommend from four or five people and it fits your style.


I haven’t bought any new hardware in years. I actually haven’t spent any $ on DIY until recently, when I had to pick up the occasional bottle of flavoring due to shelf life or running out. Besides that, I have been content with my setup and bazillion flavors for quite a long time.

That being said, I was never the guy that had to go out and buy the new big shiny toy.

Thankfully found that years ago :slight_smile:


Some people have to “keep up w/ the joneses” even tho there is nothing wrong w/ setups they have. I am happy but since it is an enjoyable hobby, i do like collecting new toys to fiddle w/ and pehaps a better ‘sweet spot’


I agree with @Cutlass92. After you’ve tried several companies you find ones that cater towards your tastes and preferences. For example after I tried OBS’s Engine it became my go to RDA. They have since been my company of choice for all my atomizers. I trust their quality and I know I’m gonna get a good vaping experience. My favorite RDA, RTA, RDTA and sub-ohm tanks are all OBS. I have no plans to add more to my collection as long as I have them…Unless OBS comes out with something new.

Mods wise I guess I’m partial to Sigelei’s Fuchai line, but I am also pleased with Geek Vape’s Aegis. So I guess I haven’t really found the Holy Grail of mods. But I’m in a good place with what I have.

Flavors…I will never be satisfied. I enjoy getting new brands and flavors. Playing with them. Seeing what I can create. But in my opinion that is normal. In my youth I use to do a lot of drawing and painting, so I see the flavors as the colors with which we vapers paint. You can paint a picture with a handful of colors that you mix together, and some people are happy with that. Others are like fuck purple, I need fuchsia.

So for tech…Yeah, I suppose the search could end or at the least slow down when you find the right company or know exactly what you are looking for. Flavors, in my opinion, no. The search will continue. And I intend to enjoy it. :wink:


I have just the right hardware, for now. I generally use what i have for quite a long while. As for flavorings, I realized awhile back that i should have stopped at Medicine Flower. With the exception of a few gems nothing has come close for fruits. I am just about ready to place my first substantial flavoring order in some time but there is nothing new on it.

Im not sure if i am content with what i have, i just dont want to learn to mix with anything new. When i first came to the forums i had a hundred and of half or so flavorings, i was completely happy with them. Then WOOSH, new flavorings companies every few months with new flavorings even more often. Im pretty sure that i was addicted to the purchasing aspect as much, if not more, than the flavorings themselves…

But you can bet that if Walt pops up with some crazy sale im all over it…


Hardware has never been my thing im satisfied with what i have , as far as flavors ill continue to buy the occasional new flave , but i know what i like and could get by on 20 to 30 flavors if need be what ill never do is jump into a new flavor company with out solid testing by trusted people


Ain’t that the truth. I made my best mixes a year ago. There might be more to come, but I just feel at peace finally.


“Cherry Picking” as per @Cutlass92 is a good description of where I am at. I find myself disinterested in regulated mods as I really have a decent collection. From what I can tell, all bases covered. I do like to surf just to see what I can find. I picked up a Beyond Vape Spire and a Silver Bullet recently. Both original. Both for $20. I enjoy snagging deals like that. Both are obsolete but wonderful units. I also like to keep an eye on RTA’s. I have found that I am in the minority regarding the type of RDA I like so when one fits the bill I try to snag it. They don’t stay around too long. Regarding flavors, I have a rather narrow spectrum of what I like. That may change. Obviously anything may change. I am in maintenance mode regarding flavors. I guess I feel I have a good feel for the market place and rarely purchase anything I don’t end up enjoying. Feeling pretty comfortable all in all.


I suppose you will eventually reach a saturation point, where you have everything you need/want and only buy to replace things that gets broken or flavours you run out of. Personally I haven’t reached that point yet, but I am also on a strict budget and have only been DIYing for about 1/2 a year, so expanding my collection is a slow process, and I’m only half way to what I would consider the minimum optimal collection.


Same as you and @Pro_Vapes. I’ve hit the 250 mark. At this point I just hit the major holiday sales.

From here it’s purchases to get the right hit. I own a ton of orange flavors. I’ve just increased lemon and think I’m done with lemon inw and lemon mf. I lm done with kiwi. I’m done with sb. I’ve thought about watermelon but those purchase results just go down hill.

So from here I’m only interested if a company can come close to mf’s authenticity and reliability. Or fa’s consistency.

So far I haven’t been super impressed by the lack luster results from most of what I have tried that is new. I think they are geared to quick snv results and don’t stand the test of time/steep.

Personally I feel I have a billion options from my stash and I just don’t need to chase wonderflavors pur rf and the like until the result march those mentioned above.

What I need to do is start posting my 100+ adaptations that use more fa/inw/mf etc.

This rambeling post has been brought to you by pinnapple bottom. Pineapple fa pinnappe rf sc and other shit. Lol.


I just replace broken mods/attys for my husband and i.
I love love love looking at new shiny things but i started vaping to save money. Anything i wanted to upgrade: i sold the unwanted first.
I used to roll cigs to save money. It was a pretty even trade once we finally started making juice and winding coils.
Flavor wise: i send off ones i dont like. I would still like to get more but i have 60 or so, which is plenty to create many recipes.


When I first began DIY a few years ago it was baby steps for me, in terms of buying flavors. Once my concoctions began to improve and I became more confident in my abilities my flavor inventory expanded rapidly. But along with that came those flavors that were used maybe once or twice, either for a specific mix or I just didn’t fucking like them.

Then came the stage where I had amassed a metric-fuck-ton of flavors and began thinning the herd. Shelving my seldom used flavors and re-stocking the necessary ones. So, although the flavor quest is always going to be in the equation, I’ve slowed down considerably.

Hardware…have mechs and regulated/TC. Even tho I’m educated in Ohms Law I don’t use my mechs much anymore. Have this nagging fear of those fuckers venting on me. Just a psychological thing I guess. I’m more trusting of the regulated gear. I have 6 TC mods that I’m happy with and only buy new if one breaks. Or if I see a new piece that grabs my attention like a drunk milf in a bar grabbing my butt.
Atomizers…probably too many but I’ve narrowed my selections down to RTA’s and RDTA’s. Like my mod criteria, only buy new if that milf comes around. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


At the beginning of this year, I was blowing my monthly vape budget on mods, tanks, and DIY supplies to the point that I was using July’s budget in March. My spending has slowed down these past couple months though. Most of my recent spending has been on DIY restocking and a few new flavors. My latest purchase, that I’m still waiting to arrive, is the Geekvape Tab 521 Pro which is replacing the Coilmaster that crapped out on me. Even though I’ve already gone over my budget for the year, I have spent less money so far this year compared to last year. Obviously, I set my monthly vape budget too low and beyond reasonable expectations of self control.

Even so, I don’t think I’ll increase my vape budget next year. I think I’m at the ‘spending to maintain’ point. I like the RTAs I am using, have spares of those as well as several I don’t use anymore but will. I like my Smok Aliens and might buy another one to keep as a spare, but I have other mods that I can use. I have plenty of bottles, cotton, and nicotine, so that leaves coil wire, restocking flavors, PG, VG, and possibly some new flavors, just depends on what @Alisa is cooking up next.


Hardware - I’m a bit like I am with a phone upgrade - I only do it if something’s broken or on its way out usually.

Flavour wise - I’m a bit of a nightmare in terms of restraint. Especially if I’m trying to get a certain profile (currently it’s a cakey tasting cake) - then I’ll go on a concentrate buying mission. Hopefully as I get more confidence in my mixing the spending will lessen.


I’m pretty much in the same mode at you are, @Pro_Vapes. But, my life-style has changed significantly enough to prohibit my ability to experiment very much. So there’s that.


I’m with Lolly. I haven’t bought a new mod since my Istick TC 100w when it was on super sale about 6 months ago. After finding the Goon, my husband and I pretty much stopped buying atomizers, except for the 1.5 version, we got 2 of those. My Cuboid and VTC Mini have lasted and served me well over a year now with no problems. The new Aegis has been a blast though, really convenient single battery mod. My weak spot is flavors, I make two massive flavor orders per month, and have a notepad on my home screen to keep track of anything I want to try, and use that list for orders. I have slowed considerably though, now mainly just restocking VG PG and flavors that are low. Haven’t bought Nicotine in almost a year and a half, and probably won’t any time soon.


I feel like I’m just starting to really get into the swing all things vape related. I’ve been really dialing in my preferences, but in order to do that I’ve been loading up my carts (and buying things as the budget allows). As far as hardware goes I don’t buy a ton of stuff because its expensive, so I’ve been trying really hard to carefully select what I want that will suit my wants/needs. But flavors are easier to collect because they’re cheap (most of them) so I’ve been trying to expand my collection so that I can find my sweet spot for the juices I like. I think once I have a really good rotation of juices that I absolutely love, I’ll probably slow down the flavor train.


My Name is Weedhunter and i´m addicted…

Can´t stop buying. Flavours, Mods, Atomizer. I was clean for almost two Years. After a bad dryhit from DtL I only used 1 evic vt mini, 1 FeV 3, 1 DIY liquid “Toffee” 4% 18mg. Everything was ok, i thougt. But there was the inner voice that whispered: make bigger clouds, you need a dripper, you need a second mod, test new Flavours. Then fate hit me. The evic get ill. First only a little bit. I had to push the fire button a little bit harder, then twice and at the end the good old evic now is in pension… BUT now i had the reason to buy me a new one And i did. i did it very often. Gearbest, the Satan himself run this shop i think everzone too. Now i have 8 mods, 15 Atomizers and still searching for the one that gives me all i want. I hope the Drop and the Aromamizer, Surpreme will do. Yes they are on the way…

Finally, i wanted to get into DIY. German forums are very, hmm, simple in DIY. Then i found the ELR. Great! Fantastic! But bad for my money. Now i have 171 Flavours in my stash. more than 100 are in the Shopping carts from Rainbowvapes and Inawera. I will order when i moved. then order lots of bottles to make single flavours.

I´m searching the sweet spot, like the holy grail. Just strat searching, and i think it will be a long journey. I hope that i find what i´m looking for…

Start vaping, they said, it´s cheaper than smoking, they said…

THX for your attention!

Best Regards


Yup we are all there, i look at it a little differently I am not smoking, how much would you expect to pay for those extra days of life - extra time to spend with family and friends - priceless