Compare Banana Puree with other Banana

When i see a Recipe with Banana on ELR, the moste People use Banana Cream (TPA) or Banana Cream (LA).
How is the strengh of Banana Puree (WF) compared with this 2 Banana Flavours.

  1. 5% Banana Cream (TPA) = ?% Banana Püree (WF)
  2. 5% Banana Cream (LA). = ?% Banana Püree (WF)

Bumping this, on the search for another banana to add to my collection.


Maybe someone can comment on banana flavorah, I see some serious mixers using it.


I have that one and have worked with it a lot. It is very good, kinda candy tasting. It ended up in a lot of my recipes. It plays well with other fruits, bakeries, puddings ect. In my opinion, it is one of flavorahs lighter flavors.


Its hard for me to recommend a banana, since I hate that fruit in general, even in regular foods.

So when I’m looking for a banana I can boost certain flavors with, or as an accent in bakeries or a light - mild main note for example in smoothies, these bananas need to blend very well, and can’t be artificial, candy or in your face.

WF banana puree, is stronger than tfa banana cream, which to me taste like artificial banana pudding. LA banana cream for me taste like banana hard candy to an extend but my main issue I have with it, it sticks out everywhere and don’t like to be included/mixed in anything lol

So the wf version is in between I would say and the reasoning is, that its authentic mashed ripe bananas. I personally use it at lower percentage in comparison to LA but it blends/melds easily in a lot of recipes and might even get lost in extremely rich recipes, but what is left is the natural creaminess in most cases, not so much the banana flavor itself, if that makes sense.

Theres not much “cream” to it, as I said its as creamy as a mashed banana could be. If I want a creamier but still authentic banana I use VT banana custard, its extremely potent but for the first couple of days it does taste like banana flavored condoms, not going too lie and I’m sure us woman know exactly what I mean with that, yes including the latex taste lmao.

But after that its a really good banana cream/pudding. Maybe take a look at it too if you like. Both of them i find personally useful depending on recipe, but both of them are not a single flavor. They don’t need much support but as many other flavors they do lack some aspects in certain areas. VT does have off notes at higher percentage, WF I have not noticed any. But it might be different for everybody. Flv I can’t comment on, I don’t have that banana yet. Sorry I can’t be more of help, really hate that fruit lol.


That was very helpful, thank you!


No reason to thank me, always happy too help :wink:


Thanks @eStorm. I get the same result in the last month. I have also tested a few of the VT-Flavours incl. VT Banana Custard and i like them.


I ordered banana FA
Pretty excited to use it!