Hello, I am new at vaping and wanted to know if a good starter kit would be ISTICK 50 and a ICLEAR 1.X CLEAROMIZER, using 1.5and 2.0 atomizers?

For the tank, I’d go for the Aspire Nautilus, either the normal or the mini.

Appreciate that info

Agreed. The istick 50 might be a bit of overkill for the Iclear and nautilus though. The 30 watt version would be just as good but cheaper. However, having the 50 watt would be nice if you plan on sub ohm’ing at some point. I was using the nautilus mini and istick 30 for quite a while and they are a nice combo.

The iStick 50W is fine for the nautilus etc - really good battery life :smile: And as you write, sub-ohm is a possibility later :smile:

Just remember that just because the istick can go 50 watts it doesnt mean you can go that high with the coils you listed. When i first started I had no idea and killed my nautilus coil.

So would I be ok if I had both the ICLEAR 1.x and the nautilus aspire?

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I bought the nautilus mini as a new vaper 8 months ago it is still working great and coils are e-z to find and i got a istick 20w back then this thing is indestructible i dropped it in the sink completely submerge wiped it clean with towel and it still works great to this day !!

Not sure I would go with the Istick 50w at this time. Eleaf has come out with the Eleaf 40w TC and also…

Eleaf To Release 75w, 100w and 150w Versions of The iStick

I am at this time using the Eleaf 40w TC. So far I am very happy with it. You have 2600 mah battery which will go all day long and then some if you go with the Nautilus. You will have the ability to upgrade to Subohm or even upgrade to Temperature Control by choice of tanks. You have it all sort a speak.

The Istick 50w does have more power but no ability for temp control. Just wanted to mention you now have another choice and soon more to come…

Yeah you would be fine with the both of them. IDK much about the ICLEAR, but I doubt you would see much of a difference between the 2 unless you use the 2.1 ohm coil. The nautilus uses 1.5 just like the ICLEAR can.

Might wanna check this out too. It’s on sale for only $20. This tank will also let you build your own coils which might not sound like something you need, but down the road it could end up saving you lots of money.

You will probably end up with everything people have advised you to get and then some… it happens to all of us :grinning:

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Wow, that’s a really good price. Hard for me to resist getting one. I never did LOL.

Ha… mine’s still in the box because I don’t have a near-enough ADV to fill that huge tank. :smile:

It is worth having though, I got mine elsewhere for ~$25 and I will build on it one day… however…

Mine was not surprisingly, old stock clearance, with the old deck insulator. Not a problem though… Sweet Vapes has the new Peeks for a few bucks and extra RBAs are ~$6.