Compliments from a Newbie

Seven years vaping after 45 years smoking, but a newbie here at ELR having just started DIY. But also an old, retired computer geek.

I want to give kudos and compliments to the web developer. This is the best designed, most feature rich website I’ve ever seen. The background functions are fairly complicated (some good math), yet well done. And the user interface is far superior to the sites of major corporations that have a large staff of developers. Conventions are well followed, everything is where is should be, easy to find.

As I navigated the site and went up the learning curve, I kept finding myself saying, “Oh, that’s neat”, and “Wow, look how I can…”. For a newbie, I found most useful the ability to display the Flavor List sorted by “recipies” to see what flavors are used the most. Great help for someone flying blind. I was surprised to find Strawberry at the top of the list.

Excellent job, Lars.


Thank you so much for your kind words :slight_smile:

I am always open to suggestions, if you have any - I listen to every one of them, though I can’t implement every suggestion :slight_smile:

Shout out to @JoJo, @Ken_O_Where and @Sprkslfly who help me a lot with dupes - I promise I am going to make it better soon! :smiley:


Welcome @Redcrown and I (and many others at ELR) couldn’t agree more about @daath


This is one of the only sites I’ve actually donated to. I was going to actually purchase a DIY calculator and realized this place has it all in one. Don’t mind contributing at all to this site.


@Cooter1 Same here.

I have a question for you Redcrown , I have been vaping for a little over 2 1/2 years I smoked for
as long as you did how do you feel after vaping for seven years? I am very curious of the effects
of vaping that long.

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That’s hard to say, because my 7+ years vaping are between 64 and 71, when a lot of age related stuff makes you feel worse. General arthritis, a very bad back, a prostate that wants to be a grapefruit, enough hearing loss to finally need aids, friends dying off, and a government that causes daily nausea.

But my lung health is great. No more coughing, no more hacking up goobers, blood pressure improved, no more smell. My wife quit nagging me. My doctor is a conservative old fart, pretty much anti-everything. But he recently told me he was now encouraging his smoking patients to try vaping, based on what he sees in my history.

P.S. Who is Joel and what’s his problem?