Concentrate measurements

Hey again guys!

I just wanted a little advice on how to know what concentrates generally go with other concentrates and how you guys know what’s % of each flavour to start with? I know a lot of people start with a small percentage and work their way up but this seems quite time and resource consuming.

Is it that cream concentrates usually stay low and fruits start high?

Just rambling on now but any advice is welcome

All the best

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First; It is time and resource consuming! There is no shortcuts in diy. Well, it is actually, but then you have to buy ready-to-mix-concentrates. Next step is trying others receipes from ELR to get to know the drill.

Every person has different taste - we all like different things. A flavor at 5 % might be really good for one person and way to much for others.

Cinnamon Rich can be used diluted and just a little drop or two for enough taste, while another cinnamon is best at like 3 %. Look up the flavor you have at ELR and read the notes and look at median at standalones and in mix.

For starters.


Take a look at “real” recipes, look at the quantity of each ingredient and where it sits in that particular recipe in terms of flavour layer.

Layering flavours is key to getting the vape you want.

Pick a percentage of flavour, for example 15%, now break that down among your flavours, start with the flavour you want most prominent and work backwards.

Taste test:
Taste test your flavour concentrates, one drop on your hand straight to the tongue, is it super strong / weak / just right?

Trial and error:
Like anything it takes trial and error, reading, understanding.

You can always take a recipe from here and mix and match percentages, flavours, additives etc


What they said :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:!

There is always something new to learn…read read read some more, then practice and practice and practice.

No quick and easy guide I’m afraid - it’s a hobby and it’s trial and error…you’ll get there if you persevere :+1::+1:

@Grubby is hardcore…I make up 5ml testers with desired pg/vg


Never do this with cinnamon!! :sob:


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First of all, there are a ton of tools to answer questions like yours on the ELR recipe side.
Lars has gone to great lengths to provide them, but it takes time and effort, but you will be greatly rewarded.
As you graze on them, here is a thread to get you started in a very proper and positive direction:


I always forget about that thread! Cheers ozo

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I too taste drop hand to tongue. Most flavors are tasteable like that, but then you have Dulce De Leche and similar; its like totally goosebumps all over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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