Concentrate Mixes

I’m new to all this mixing your own flavours and was amazed how many juice recipes mixes are posted on here.
Ive found it to be a real learning curve and spend hours now reading peoples comments and notes on the flavours I own and others to see if I would like them.

Im surprised that the manufactures of concentrates have not started to produce premixed concentrate so you can just add your preferred mix of base vg/pg/nicotine
It would make it a whole lot simpler for newbee’s to save on premium juice prices.

I suppose it would be still a case of trying their premixes to see if you like it but would be no different to buying premium at a much lower cost.
After all that is there anyone out there who does sell premixed concentrates ?

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These are exactly what you are talking about.


Search my reviews on [ENYAWREKLAW] I’ve reviewed pistachio RY4-U and Rhodonite

Btw it’s “Concentrates” :wink:

Yes that’s it
Thought there must be someone doing it.
Might have a search in UK to see if anyone doing it here.

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Yea I’m typing on my phone and with no glasses and cannot see my typo errors lol Its all guess work

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You can get the DIYorDIE concentrates from Chefsflavours… don’t make me get the links to my reviews lol

Yes just found them
Might try a couple

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You’re not stateside are you? If on the off chance you are, you can click the blue wrench on any recipe and click “order this at VapeCrafter”. You can get it as a premade juice or a flavor base.

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If you’re in the UK try vapable for t juice, darkstar have some one shots also, hope this helps

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