Concentrate ratio for Pods and Vape

Hello everyone. Because i am very new to DIY , no idea how much concentrate % required for pod kits (nicsalt base 50/50 vg pg ratio) and vape/rda/sub-ohm

I have tried before…
4% suger cookie (cap) and 2% SS by Cap. And 5days steep, decent flavor and less sweetness.

2nd try …

8% concentrate Natural Grapes (FW) no sweetener, 70/30 , after 24hours, almost no grapes taste in RDA (Coilturd An rda with single coil). Same eliquid filled in Caliburn G 0.8ohm fresh coil, feels like flavorless eliquid.

Am i missing something?

All recipes need time for steeping?
Super sweet (cap) also need steep time or not?

Plz guide.


For low watt pod systems (especially with high mg salt nic) If your not using super concentrates or strong flavors like mint menthols,citrusy tropical fruits and tobaccos but are reg old flavorings ( tho grape is pretty strong) your gonna need to step your overall flav % way up. You need between 18-24% flavorings so for say a grape ice dont be scared to stack 2 diff grapes like Fw natural grape 8% and TFA grape juice 6% Cap super sweet 1% Ws23 ice 1% Wf cotcandy jelly bean 1% Super sweet 0.5 %…My friend cloned a grape ice disposeable and he came in at 28% flavorings n was spot on ( but disposeables are almost all pg flavoring which is how they get so much flavoring from a 7w device and a tiny draw hole so with a 12w pod system your gonna need quite a bit of flavoriing is all i was saying.Notice my totals are 17.5% Cuz 6% -7% just isnt gonna cut it even if u were vaping at 65 watts in the best tank.This will need at least a week steep to blossom fully.

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@Mike_card is right I’ll just add a couple of things to think about when creating liquids for PODs disposable and so forth.
Simple, 2 or 3 flavours at most (additives don’t count) , high PG, to keep it simple, most of them, won’t “burn” properly with high VG and PG is a better carrier then VG.
High VG needs higher percentages as is, and it’s not a good carrier, with low power devices we need high percentages, don’t need to further increase them with high VG.
High Vg also takes longer steeping times.

Percentages… from 10-14%, using SC/FLV and the like but usually flavours used from .5 to 2% to 25-30% CAP-TFA, or flavours averagely used at 4-5-6%
Strong head note, you need a distinct flavours, fancy mixes don’t work, an apple strudel with cream and raisins with a slight touch of cinnamon is a no go,it’ll probably mute or you won’t even taste those fancy notes, rather an indistinct AP-Apple something.
Layering as Mike said is a good approach, just kiss and don’t over do it.

So you understood that you can’t create and test a recipe with a “normal” atomizer, you need a POD for testing, or do a lot of testing until you understand how far to “saturate” a mix that might work on a POD, if you can’t taste anything on your RDA, don’t even bother to put it on a POD, if it tastes sickly strong, then it’ll work. It HAS to work on your RDA to work on a POD.

Steeping… is a bit complex, (do a search, quite a few 3Ds that explains it well) , but on average yes, always give it at least a couple of days/week, after VG/PG/Flavours are thouroughly combined.

Working on PODs is a study in itself needs some experimenting with a lot of failures, you’ll see that some flavours work, some don’t, some you have to know how to use them, start with Super Concentrates and Flavorah, search on ELR for the word POD (tons of recipes) and see what they’ve done and understand how they did it (using now a simple tobacco made with Flavorah’s connecticut shade and Native, nothing else, 5% native and 4% connecticut)
Have a look at this one as an exercise that combines layering, a strong berries head note abd additives using “straight” flavours.


Looks good to me, I find with a tight 1.2 pod mtl pod 50/50 vg pg is good and a 1.0 or .8ohm 60/40 vg pg the flvor is pretty good.You can use some additives like Vanillas,Creams,Wf cotton candy jelly bean,ws23 etc but like you said straight forward Fruits,Fruit medleys,Fruit iced,fruit creams.Desserts too, cookie,cakes,ice creams, custards can come out good with an assisting fruit, just not 6-8 different concentrates can get lost at lower watts.I don’t use them but one shots are measured pretty well you just need 18-22% for the ave 12w pod system :blush: