Concentrate Red Flags

I assume this topic would have been posted somewhere in this great site, but in case it hasn’t been posted in this manner, then I am wanting to know the following question which may also be helpful to other people new to DIY.
Currently our whole stash consists only of TPA and Capella concentrates but we are now wanting to add a range of different brands to our growing stash.

What are the red flags or additives that we should steer clear of when deciding what is a safe concentrate and what’s not ?

Thanks in advance.


Here is the list: :+1:


Thanks mate @MisterSinner awesome link


No prob. At the top of any flavors you click on, you will see the reason for the warning.


There’s only one “fact-based enemy” to avoid, and that’s accidentally buying a flavor that was intended solely for cooking/etc: any flavor that contains oil.

The rest is subjective, and up to personal choice in relation to harm minimization.

Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, etc are all orders of magnitude lower than anything found in cigarettes, so you really have to decide for yourself just how far you are really going to be concerned about the whole D/A/AP topic.

Added sugar (corn syrup), is also a common area of consideration for some.

There are also warnings to be found that only specifically apply to older vaping technologies (read as: plastic tanks)… Well, until pods came into being anyways. lol
If you have/use a device with a plastic tank, and you have a flavor that has the “tank cracker” (melter) warning, then yeah, the plastic melting would potentially give off fumes you probably shouldn’t be inhaling.

But oil is the main absolute no. :wink:
The rest is your choice!


Add to the Oh Hell No list… any flavorings that can be bought in a grocery store, like McCormicks or Watkins.


@TorturedZen no mate, no grocery store stuff, tried that when we first started and obviously didn’t work :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: