Concentrates in the UK

What type of concentrates shall I get next? What’s some of the best you know of and ones people say " you need this " " you need to try this "…

I’m not positive if you are talking about flavor profile. Or manufacturers of flavor concentrates.
I also do not know what you currently have in your flavor stash. So my recommendation would be to look at Wonder Flavors and Real Flavors Super Concentrate lines. Both are exceptional, you really can’t go wrong with either :fire:


I’ve had good luck with Real Flavors. Only 2 of them have been “not my thing”.


Also… Walt is still running that $2.00 a bottle sale. Start at 2% with them.

I’m in uk though guys so more capella FW etc for me… they do have what your saying but they are a little pricy for me… guessing import changes

Oh bummer. I’m sorry…Capella flavors as far as being concentrated run on the weak side. Can you get FA flavorings?

Yeah can get fa tpa all that " well known " ones

You will have the best luck with FA. They taste good and are much more concentrated than Capella.


Cheers thank You, can you recomend any from them? At all don’t want to just dive in

RainbowVapes £1.89 for 10ml of Real Flavours SC concentrates. Free Postage if you spend over a £10 and a free concentrate, with your order, depending how much you spend. Details on homepage. Wide selection of other concentrate manufacturers as well.


What bluenose said… also

Chefs stock Wonder Flavours


You should find a recipe on this site (that fits your flavor profile, say if you like custards or berries) and buy the flavors to the recipe.

The most important thing you can do right now is learn how to navigate this site. Everything you need to know is here. Notes on recipes, notes on flavors, percentages etc. The most important thing on this site is successful and well liked recipes.

Go here:

And then hit the ratings button. A lot of good ones rise to the top. Now they may not be exactly what you have been vaping commercially, but they will be good - you can tweak them later to suit your tastes.

As you are going through those recipes, flavorings will be highlighted and you can click on them and read the notes.

This will help too:

Happy mixing my friend!


Thank You!

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Flavour Art - if i could only get one brand it would be FA

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There are a bunch of threads on this:

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Recommend getting only flavors that are featured in highly rated recipes.
If you just want to collect flavors:

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I just wanted to give a shout out to
They have a fantastic range of flavors, very reasonable prices, super fast turn around (99% of my orders are shipped the same day), cheap international shipping, and customer service that’s second to none.
My last order was ordered with tracked shipping, they mistakenly sent it non tracked, when I mentioned it they resent the entire order tracked for free, a 30ml that I’d ordered was out of stock for the resend, so they sent 100ml instead. So I got more than double what I’d paid for.
Customer service really doesn’t get much better than that.
For anyone in the US, NR and others are great, but their international shipping is expensive.
For anyone in the UK, I’m sure you already use Chefs, but for anyone anywhere other than the UK or the US, I can’t recommend Chefsflavours strongly enough.
Ok, rant over, I just thought they deserved a shout out.