Concentrates that are harsh on the exhale

A recent thread reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to ask. Searching is a little hit and miss because wording can be pretty subjective…

I’ve noticed that regardless of percentage or power, a couple concentrates seem to have a harshness on the exhale. My wife also notices this with the same juices. Obviously I don’t have all the concentrates ever made, so I have no 100% complete list. But are there any concentrates you have that give an unusual harshness on the exhale?

The ones I have that do are FA Lychee and TPA Orange Cream. Hoping others understand what I mean and know some of their own, in case I decide to get one later. I think these two taste great but are hard to vape because of that harshness.


Can’t speak for Lychee, but TPA Orange Cream can be a little harsh. I’ve never used more than 6% and normally go back to this recipe because it’s so good. After it steeps for a week or two I don’t notice the harshness.

Edit: INW Peach can be pretty harsh, but it’s delicious so I deal with it.


Purilum Strawberry Taffy is pretty harsh. I think it was MysticRose that said in her tasting notes that there was a harshness to it. I mixed test batches at 6 and 11% 70/30 VG/PG. After 45 days it is pretty harsh on the back of the throat and surprisingly not a lot of flavor. Not sure how candy could go so wrong. I have a handful of other Purilum flavors and all are pretty good and not harsh.

If you mean like a harsh aftertaste, I get that from FA Blood Orange. It tastes good at first but the film on the tongue has kind of a chemical taste to me that lingers. I like FW Blood Orange a little better and for milder orange TPA Mandarin.


Harsh as in rough on the throat on the exhale, not aftertaste.

Thanks for the replies so far.

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Ethyl maltol does this to me. It triggers a little cough sometimes. I would say more of an itch than harsh. But definitely something in it bothers me a bit on the exhale.

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Thanks for the clarification!
I had withheld thus far simply because I wasn’t sure what was being looked at, or referenced.

To me, I consider that as being what most refer to as “throat hit” (similar to the TH from lower quality nicotines).

I know I’ve got a few that fall in this category, but offhand, I can only think of:

Orange (Ina)

Great taste, really bad TH (for me anyways).

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Ylang Ylang FA can be pretty harsh. It makes me cough occasionally.

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Flovorah Pineapple is harsh to me, I reckon its the 3% alcohol or less than 3%, don’t know for sure.