Condensed milk FA

So i want a milk recipe, strawberry what not, I realize now that I should have ordered malted milk but I forgot. So working with the milk I have, the FA version, I’ve seen people have mixed it down to a 10% solution like EM. Do any of you think this milk could even be sweetened up enough to pull it off? Mixed with it one time and man it was heavy on the flavor for sure. Was thinking maybe a 10% solution and some sweet cream might pull it off, for the milk part.

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Yeah it’s definitely some strong stuff. I use it a lot but make a dilution of it like ya mentioned.

Some sweet cream would probably work, I like it with Vienna cream or catalan cream. I wouldn’t use EM though, a lot of ppl advise against using it, they say after time it mutes all the other flavors.

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You’re the person I seen talk about the dilution of it, thanks shatner. I try not to use EM at all, it really does a number on my taste buds.End up not tasting much but a kind of bland film, can’t really describe it, kind of like if your tongue went numb as far as taste.

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I know exactly what ya mean, there are a few flavors that do that to me.

Here is one of my raspberry and cream recipes. You could substitute the strawberry for the raspberry.

Raspberries and Cream V2

Ingredient %
Blackcurrant (FA) 2
Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA) 0.5
Custard (FA) 1
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 0.5
Milk Condensed (FA) 10% Solution 0.75
Raspberry (FA) 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 1

Flavor total: 7.75%

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Same percentage for strawberry? I’ve got FA, INW, most the TFA’s. From my previous mixes I thought maybe Organic for this and maybe a lemonade. Yet to make a decent mix with organic though. Damn lots of mixes with that bourbon, I need to get a 10ml of it to try it out. Ordered the Tahiti again thinking it was bourbon.

No I would go a little higher, FA strawberry is a little on the weaker side. Adding some TFA ripe with it will help boost the flavor. I haven’t tried the INW so couldn’t say on that one.

The Tahiti is a great flavor and would make a good substitution if ya don’t have the bourbon. Would probably need to bump it up to 1.0% if ya use it.

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Thanks Shatner, going to mix it up right now. The INW is really good. Best I’ve tasted but it’s subjective as you already know. It’s strong but I need that. Trying to get a custard or a cream with a bit less cream and more strawberry than anything. Not had much luck yet but I’ve got some steeping that I’m hoping will give me an idea where I’m at with it. Steeping is the worst, I’m like a kid at christmas and have to see the boxes for weeks waiting and wondering.

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Are you working with Wild strawberry INW ?

I’m the same way … hate waiting. I will usually make two bottles, one for shake and vape and one for steeping.

I’ve been working on a custard without the baddies in it that is coming along nicely. I think it rivals Momma J’s Game Over Custard :smile: . With some berries added to it it’s fantastic.

Oh goodness no. i have it but holy mother of everything that is some off this world kind of strong. I think I mixed it at 3% the only time I tested it. I didn’t have the balls to taste that, smelled like I worked at Dow corning or something. I have Shisha Strawberry and love it.

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I’m still working with the bads, not had luck yet, but still steeping. Maybe by the time I kill this 4 oz bottle I’ll have it figured out lol.

So shatner, same as an EM mix, 9 ml PG and 1 ml milk?

AHH HAHAH Yep your like me I get all ready and I just can’t do it so I make a dilution of that one too and Only accent with it at teeny tiny %s and still it takes a whole two months of steeping b4 it will calm down and let the other flavors kick in.

I love strawberry shisha !!! I bought more since the discontinue I still am annoyed about that.

My dilution of wild strawberry INW is 3 drops in 8mls of 50/50 pg/vg I know it’s weird but it works for me.

Someone said they emailed them about it, and they were just out. Was on the site last I looked. Got me a 30ml to keep me going from bull city.

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Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked. I will try it.

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That makes me happy !!! So 30 mls are available at BCV thank you !

I think it has to do with the base being 50/50 pg/vg it really helps chill that flavor out. (But it is still very strong ! )

Yupp. Same as this Honey dilution but use Milk instead.


Awesome, making sure I didn’t do the EM wrong in the first place. I’ll have to do that for honey as well. Haven’t used it yet but same goes for raspberry from INW seriously way strong too, have to make those tomorrow. Need shake and vapes for the work week so time to make the one you share with me.

Just sent ya a message TELY

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So what percentages is anyone using for Condensed Milk? I’m interested. Any recipes with it?

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I stay w/ the 1 drop per 10 mls for a nice milky dry finish…if I ever use more it ends up taking over.

this is prob my fav one w/ it in it

but here is a few more recipes