Conflicting Koolada Info

I’ve read threads about Koolada and the flavor notes. Some say one drop per 10 ml, but quite a few others in the notes say 1 per ml which seems to be a pretty big contrast. Can somebody verify if 1 drop per ml isn’t gonna ruin my taste buds for days?

I mix by weight and typically use just 0.5% - 1.5% Koolada when I mix with it, but it really depends
on what you are going for.

Oh ok thanks. I just got some and wanna try it out on a fruit mix. Basically peach/pineapple/strawberry. Just wanna give it a fresh cool feeling i guess.

I can’t use koolada as I am allergic to it, but I remember the stuff being pretty potent. I’d start with a drop or two per 10ml. Adding more drops is easier than diluting if you get too much. :wink:

One or two drops per 10ml is a good starting point. This stuff can ruin your mix quickly if you get crazy with it.

I’m one of those that do 1 drop per 10ml to start with, and gradually work my way up. I really don’t like koolada when it’s too strong, so I am very careful when I try to find the balance for a certain recipe…

I agree with most that 1 drop per 10ml batch normally does the trick

I have Koolada !0% but haven’t used it yet. Mostly I use my DIY Menthol made from crushed menthol crystals (75%MC to 25%PG). I have been using that at 1 drop per 5ml. Add that to a 10% peppermint mix and BAM! Super cool rush that I really like. Most people think it’s too mentholly but I really like it as a palate cleanser after vaping custards and fruits for a while. As a plus in 4 years of vaping, I have yet to get vapor’s tongue.

I have been meaning to mix up a small batch of Koolada and a small batch of my DIY Menthol to see how they differ in flavor and strength.

Thanks everyone. I made a 15ml tester of straw/pineapple/peach with 1% koolada which was 6 drops. Very nice so far. I def wouldnt want to go more than 1% though… at least with this recipe. I can still feel it a minute after taking a puff.

Couldn’t imagine putting 15 drops in like some of the notes say. Maybe I’ll try it to see what happens, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be pretty.

Just thought of something. Could Koolada work with tobacco? I’m thinking it would be like puffing on menthol tobacco but for people like me who weren’t into menthol smokes.

I would think it would work. Don’t see why not but I don’t do any tobacco flavors though so don’t quote me on that :slightly_smiling:.

I never thought I would like them because all the store bought tobacco flavors I tried were terrible. However, INW has a ton of good tobaccos. Mix em with FA Caramel/FA Almond and some Vape Wizard… Wait a couple weeks and you got some great vape. Try max VG and a little higher nic content and it’s like a ciggy that actually tastes good.

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I will keep that in mind for when I have a friend that is trying to quit by vaping. I have found that most don’t like fruity or creamy juice at first and crave that tobacco flavor.