Confused about Nicotine Strength of JUUL

JUUL says their nicotine level is 5% by weight. When I look at recipies here it looks like 50%. Half of the liquid is nicotine. I know people are trying to hit 50 mg/mL which gets confusing because it’s weight in a volume. Can someone shed some light on what the nicotine strength is for JUUL?

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I found this on Reddit;


Nice find from Jose (above) :+1: That author reallyknows his his onions, by the look of it…and has a lot more patience than me!

This perplexes me though, @SpiralVape

I don’t know what the heck on this board would suggest that anybody’s vaping 50% nicotine? but trust me, nobody does. Heck, 50% nic would be too dangerous even to mix with, (outside a professional lab) let alone vape. Normally, the max you can (or should) buy is 10% (or 100mg)


The juul is a mouth to lung vape with the coil being above an ohm. I personally vape my MTL at 12%mg

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Yeah. That’s why I’m confused. When I use the recipie calculator for 50 ml nic using 100% Nicotine it’s 1/2 of the recipe. Search for JUUL in the recipies and you’ll see people mixing 1/2 of the overal ML with 100% Nicotine.
Here’s one:

I don’t know how the maths are figuring out that 50 mg/ml nic strength is 50% of the volume. How does that equal 5% nicotine by weight? Seems like that is 50% by weight?

When I’m using JUUL for a couple weeks I’ll get headaches. My guess is it’s the nicotine strength. That’s a main reason for me to mix my own and refill. I can control the strength. Even 20 mg/ml is too much for me. I can handle it, and don’t get nauseous, but it feels like my brain shuts down. Becomes foggy. The other big reason is the cost.

When I use a JUUL pod and haven’t been vaping at that strength, I have a lot of stimulation for a day or two, but then it has the opposite effect and it feels like my thoughts slow down.

The main draw to JUUL for me is the form factor and the size. Very easy to carry around.

At home I vape at sub ohm and was mixing 1 mg/ml but have recently cut it down to .5 mg/ml.

Nicotine Salts are being used rather than free base Nicotine, which would be very harsh.

You are mixing up the numbers.

100mg/ml = ~10% nicotine NOT 100% nicotine.

Kilo = 1000 - Milli = 1/1000.
1 litre of water weighs 1000 grams or 1 kilogram.
1 ml of water weighs 1 gram or 1000mg.


Ahh… you’re right. I was mixing up the 100% base. It is 100mg/ml in 100% base PG.

FIFO Nicotine Base 100mg/mL in 100% PG 120mL

Thanks everyone for the help.