Confused noob again: are your TFA flavor percentages straight flavor or a diluted base?

So for one of my flavors (caramel cappuccino) I was advised to make a concentrate (3drops/10mlPG) but when I look at all these recipes on this site everything is 2% this flavor 6% that flavor. Is that percentage of pure flavor or is that percentage of a diluted mix (such as with the caramel cappuccino).

If it is of a diluted mix what is the standard dilution (is it usually 3 drops of any flavor to 10ml PG?)

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Hi, generally you won’t dilute flavors so all the recipes should be in regular ( out of the bottle form ) I dilute caramel capp. 3 drops per 10 mls because it will knock you out otherwise :smiley: as for dilution it should be noted in the mixer’s note at the bottom of the recipe if they made an adaption to a flavor. I hope this helps.

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great that cleared it up for me thanks :smiley:


No problem that’s what we’re here for ! Better to not waste a bunch of $ diluting what doesn’t need it. :wink: