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This one I have been researching over the years

This is a book I would love to purchase!


Info about the marajuana scare campaign


Pretty interesting to look at what started it and how it just snowballed from there. Looking back at some of the scare campaigns, they are kinda funny now.


They try using that tactic or something similar today to scare people away from Vaping. Sad really how lame the opposition is.


If big tobacco fears something they will go to any length to achieve the desired goal.



I love a good conspiracy, as long as they don’t come from Alex Jones :weary:


I just did a light research of him…he seems like a super nut. Attention whore? Very possible.


He’s making lots of money though.



Eh, it all burns. They print more money everyday. Soon the dollar will collapse and we can go back to the barter system…


The guy gives me the creeps.


We can turn him into steaks, there’s enough of him to go around.


I don’t think I’d eat that steak…


Just make sure you thoroughly cook it, I’m sure it will be just like :pig:


LOVE this!




The biggest conspiracy theory of them all!

…Sorry, I’m a nerd.


There’s never a need to apologize for being a nerd!!

Now. Say your sorry for apologizing! :laughing:


Star wars rules man! Right on!


I’m sorry. Also I don’t like sand.