Contains a form of sugar warning

So are we all to assume that the fact the “Contains a form of sugar.” warning is in red means juices containing forms of sugar are potentially more dangerous than Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and diacetyl?

If so,

A) Why does it seem nobody is testing for them (forms of sugar) when testing vendor liquids?

B) Is there any home tests for checking ourselves for forms of sugar?


As to B), I do not know.

You might could use Benedict’s solution to test for simple sugars. If you just need a qualitative test it should work.

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Brilliant thanks! Will get a bottle on order :slight_smile:

Thanks! i saw that site / page originally (gone through most of the site)

My question was more to do with why it doesn’t seem anyone is testing on a large scale. e.g. Cloud9 / Vaporshark released a lot of Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and diacetyl information, but no info on sugar content in liquids. When it seems sugar is more of a worry that the others. Everyone here still seems to use Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and diacetyl but everyone here seems to warn strictly against using sugar.

With the amount of recipes using cake yellow (fw) on this site (which now has been found to contain sugars) I would imagine a lot of manufacturer recipes out in the wild also unknowingly contain sugar.

Anyone think we’ll likely see a second surge of manufacturers getting in trouble (like 5 pawns) for hiding the sugar content?

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My family is avoiding sugar for 100 reasons but this is one: