Contest: Finish Squonker Devices Survey, Win US$50 Heaven Gifts Gift Card--(Ended)

No difficult to find squonker mods recently swept through the vaping community like a tornado owing to its big tank capacity and convenient refilling system. If a new RDA comes to the market but doesn’t have a BF pin included, we can’t call it popular, lol. Under this trend, many good squonker mods pop up in a short time, like Geekvape Athena, Geekvape GBOX, Stentorian RAM, Arctic Dolphin Crea. While enjoying the convenience in squonk field, do you have any requirements for the essential squonker bottle? Easy refilling? No leaking? Ok, here is an innovative one we want to share with you guys, the new Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2, a top-quality squonk bottle co-designed in Italy by BoomStick Engineering and Arctic Dolphin. Made of high quality silicone, it’s softer, more responsive and more hard wearing than any other thin plastic alternatives. It has a great improvement over other bottles-two holes on the stainless steel cap, one is for refilling and the other is for venting. With the unique design, you can directly refill through the hole instead of taking it off or via 510 connector, much more convenient. Moreover, it’s compatible with all squonker mods on the market. How wonderful it is! Guys, wanna give this Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2 a try and pair it with your favorite squonker mod? Finish the following survey, you will get a $50 gift card to purchase anything you want on our site.

To enter:

1.Did you use any squonker devices before? If you did, did you have any refilling problems with your current squonker bottle? If not, just comment with Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2.

2.Which squonker mod on our site do you want most?

3.What do you think of this Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2?

4.Vape quiz: how many differences can you find?

5.Share Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2 on any of your social media pages.(Optional)

6.Tag 3 of your friends here.

1 We will pick 1 lucky winner via on Jan 9, 2018.
2.The winner will get one $50 gift card.
3.Each person can post 7 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
4.We require at least 20 participants.

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  1. I run multiple sqounk setups.
    2x lostvape drone
    1x Dripbox 160
    1x Pico squeeze
    1x vtinbox dna75
    1x cow wraith
    and i did have problems before i started to use 510 fill bottles. buth this bottle is way smarter.

  2. i would like to own a Fuchai Squonk 213. just to test it out. the other sqounkers i have owned or have on the way.

  3. i think it´s a simple and briljant idé. a simple solution. but would be a pain in the ass to use glassbottles and some gorilla bottles.

  4. there is 6 diffrent bottles on the bottom picture.
    On the top picture. there is a line on the left side of the white bottles silicon tube.
    the bottles on the bottom picture is not placed the same way as the first. so the lines does not aline the same with the bottles.

  5. i skip this step.

6 @Jenny1978 @SthrnMixer @JMak642

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  1. Years ago we used Genisis style tank with mesh. The AGA-T2, was a RSST with adjustable caps. You would have to keep it upright at all times. Once you would tilt it the liquid would run out all over your MOD. Constantly leaking out the bottom or gurgling, dry hits, spits, etc. they were extremely hard to work with.
  1. As technology & innovation progressed I choose a simpler way of vaping.
    So decidedly I wouldn’t want a Sqounker MOD.
    As I prefer to drive a car versus pedal a tricycle
  1. it is pleasant to look at
  1. image
  1. I would like to Thank for all the Love You bring to this Forum in lieu of sharing this on another Social Media platform
  1. I shall tag @t-antar & @Geriko
  1. As well as @Ken29

#1 Artic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2

#3 I really do not know to much about squonking , but the colors are cool.
#4 The bottom bottles have large side fill holes.
#5 Shared via Tumblir, Google and Pintrest.
#6 @JennyVapes @MisterSinner @JoJo


Arctic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2

GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC MOD

I like you can select different colors and the fill thru side of top is cool.

20 differences

Uff! I’m to lazy for this giveaway! Good luck!

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Post #1:
Artic Dolphin Squonk Bottle V2

Post #2:
GeekVape GBOX

Post #3:
Looks like the bottle has been revamped for easier refill, looks interesting.

Post #4:
18 differences.

Post #5:
@woftam @TW12 @Cutlass92