Contest Prize

Thank you Daath
Package arrived today all in one piece. It looks very sweet, came with a lot of extra’s. My wife is going to love this, and if she doesn’t I will.


Congrats bud. Hope your wife enjoy’s it. Nice prize :yum:

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Sweet win! How does it vape?

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Awesome Congrats on the win!

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Wow wee what a nice set up looks great ! Have fun :smile:

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Wife really likes it so far, thinks it pretty and has all ready had the carry condom on it. BUT!

Well so far the TFV4 Nano is very good, whisper quite with a 1.8ohm coil, but on a different mod. May be just me but the Smok stick battery doesn’t seem to power the tank. And if it wont power the 1.8 coils it probably wont power the .25 or the other lower ohm coils.
When I plug it in the red light comes on to show its charging and then go’s off after a short period of time, may have a faulty light and is not fully charged, Ive seen reviews of faulty lights on some other units.

Now I hope it’s something that I’m doing wrong and will figure out, because this setup is very slick looking and feels good in the hand.

Some other bad news. :joy: Daath sent 2 mini RBA decks and a bunch of spare coils(Thank You) but the mini RBA’s fit the TFV4 mini tank witch is bigger than the Nano tank, but both tanks use the same premade coils-go figure that one out will ya. But I’ma goin to buy me the other tank so I can use the RBA’s WIN WIN

Took out the 1.8 coil and put in a .30 clapton coil. WOW it will blow some flavor clouds. So the battery knows what coil your using and restricks wattage. Maybe to much for the 1.8 coil, or it could be a bad coil.


Congratulations… :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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I want one of those tanks for myself, cant find one for sale any where. Small, stealthy and easy to refill.

Sweet looking setup ,congrats!

Ya, the RBA’s don’t fit all…still, congrats, and I hope wifey gets the deserved benefits.
You da man, and will fix it for her, eh?

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Congrats on the win, nice looking setup