Contributing programming skills to the website?


I’m new to the mixing community and as such currently can’t help much; but as a full time professional programmer (I work for a company called BaseKit Platform Ltd based in the U.K.) coding in MySQL, PHP, Javascript, git vcs etc… I would like to know if it’s possible in anyway I could help out with the site in any way?




Hi Megan,

At the moment, it isn’t an option. Perhaps at a later point, when the site has been redesigned a bit, and some of the code rewritten, I will once again consider the possibility!

Thanks for the offer though! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Lars


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Another UK based LAMP developer here with the same offer - you’d have you’re own web development team haha :slight_smile:

Brilliant site and effort so far, props to the team.


Ok, you don’t need a programmer. Maybe you need a help from Cisco certified network engineer? Well, almost Cisco certified :grinning: I’m preparing myself for becoming one until the end of this year.

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He already has one. :wink:


It’s great to see that there are people willing to help the site become better. I think at the time being if you want to create a competitive domain using coding then it’s better to look for a multifunctional package like the one I found recently mate! Definitely worth your while to have a look at the abilities that can offer you when you use code to create a site. I enabled a rule engine for automation purposes and I don’t even need to use these shortcuts anymore! Another great function is PDF file creation which makes it really easy for users to download needed files directly.

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