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Controversial "steeping" method - Microwave Oven


Persoanally find it refreshing somebody wanting to steep juice nowadays. I do remember Fresh03 and HIC both being fans of shake and vape. But I do find it weird how everybody on certain sites are posting there recipes as “shake and vape certified…may improve a bit after a couple of days though”…and a lot of the better known ones are people I remember producing videos and/or blogs on the importance of steeping.
Personally I like to steep anything for a week or two…shaken and loeft in a cupboard, simple as that.
I know there are some concentrates like medicine flower and certain custards that do need longer…but generally 90% of stuff, personally I dont buy into these massive long steeps as from my experience I have found 90% of recipes I have made have changed very little after 2/3 weeks and if anything negatively where certain flavours can fade within a recipe which has happened with a few fa citrus flavours and a few different real flavor ones too.


Yeah, I will never understand never why people say their recipe gets better after such and such time, right after they claim shake & vape certified.
It’s like someone saying a Ferrari is a great car,
but it’s way better when you put fuel in it. :roll_eyes:


I’ve had much luck increasing flavor by using the nuke. I had noticed that a S&V in a tank got better after the atomizer heated the liquid and ran to the microwave to test. I noticed zero reduction in flavor but an increase in flavor, but didn’t compare side by side two recipes so I have no experimental evidence.


I saw a video of a CEO of an e liquid facility and the gent stated, even after all this time of manufacturers creating e liquid, that he still spends most of his day figuring out how to get the best “steep.” Time and agitation seem to be the least arguable - but that gets in the way of production times of the big guys which leads to more cost. I think most of us agree on heat, some believe in ultrasonic, some even milk frothers. If there just was an artificial flavor chemist we could rely on their research…


It’s really that simple I agree with you


I guess I have been doing it right!


I think for the most part they all use pretty much the same method mix it well (probably high shear mixing), bottle it, ship it - time from date mixing to sale endpoint is most likely more than a month due to distribution chain and existing stock