Conversion to nic salts from 100mg nicotine

Can anyone explain how to convert a recipe i have using 100mg nicotine into a nic salt recipe,

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Purchase your nic salt in 100mg concentration. There will be no conversion.


so to make my 1000mg recipe in a 3mg, all all i would have to do is just change over to salt nic and add the same amount as used before, in third old recipe I used 30mg of 100mg nic for the 1000 mg lot i was making


It is my impression that the presence of Benzoic (or other) acids in “Nicotine salt” solutions relates to the aesthetic and physiological “tolerability” of inhaling (as base Nicotine in solution, or in vaporized droplets thereof, is alkaline). Thus, “salts” are (I think perhaps, for the most part) more about tolerability than about significantly different Nicotine flux in inhaled vapors. Looking through PAX Labs’ patent for Nicotine salt solutions (JUUL), there is no usage of the word “flux” (Nicotine in vapors). Perhaps the matter of available Nicotine in vapor as a function of temperature is addressed and described elsewhere therein ? Dunno. Note: The pH of a Nicotine salt described as being significantly lower than is the case for base Nicotine, various “recipes” (may) need some modifications. Benzoic Acid may be a chemically reactive component.

From PAX Labs’ patent “Detailed Description of the Invention” section (text columns 7-8):

Conflicting reports have been published regarding the transfer efficiency of free base nicotine in comparison to mono- or di-protonated nicotine salts. Studies on the transfer efficiency of free base nicotine and nicotine salts are complex and have yielded unpredictable results. Further, such transfer efficiency studies have been performed under extremely high temperature conditions, comparable to Smoking; therefore, they offer scant guidance on the transfer efficiency of free base nicotine and nicotine salts under low-temperature vaporization conditions. Some reports have posited that nicotine free base should give rise to a greater satisfaction in a user than any corresponding nicotine salt. … results show a difference in rate of nicotine uptake in the blood that is higher for some nicotine salt formulations aerosolized by an electronic cigarette than for other nicotine salt formulations, and likewise higher than nicotine freebase formulations … described herein are nicotine salt formulations for use in an
electronic cigarette, or the like, that provide a general satisfaction effect consistent with an efficient transfer of nicotine to the lungs of an individual and a rapid rise of nicotine absorption in the plasma.