Converting a recipe's pg/vg ratio - rule of thumb for flavour %?

I’m new here and having a whale of a time wantonly stealing recipes and adapting them to my taste.
I always adjust for a 12mg 60pg/40vg mix. (I’m a low watt tootle-puffer that likes a bit of throat hit.)
A lot of recipes here are developed for higher vg.
Is there a rule of thumb for adjusting flavour percentages? eg: If recipe is for 50pg/50vg @ 15% flavour then make 60pg/40vg @ say 12%?
At the moment I drop the flavour %, suck it and see, and add more if necessary; which is OK for shake 'n vapes but tedious for steeps.
My ears are akimbo.


Personally I haven’t found much flavour different between 50/50 60/40 70/30 or 80/20 variations of my recipes.

Generally these days I make 70/30 if I plan to use a mix in a tank or 80/20 or Max VG if I plan to solely drip.



@Volition did some calculations but I can’t find them right now from memory its was 2.5% (or there abouts) change in flavor per 10% change in pg or something like that. He will pop in shortly and correct me if I am wrong.

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I like mine a little bold in flavor and don’t adjust the percentages at all from 80/20 to 50/50.

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Sounds pretty near the mark to me. Thanks for that @woftam.

Just my opinion, but if I find that flavors requiring a long steep tast about the same regardless of VG/PG ratio. I will adjust % if it is a fruit flavor but anything requiring a steep I leave alone.

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Duly noted - thanks!

Not sure why. With bust-a-nut. I converted it without changing percentages from 70/30 to 50/50 - the mocha was unbelievable, unvapeable different recipe. Might be flavour specific. But I notice huge differences.

Ok, so it’s 1.7 for every 10 change in PG/VG. E.g. If 70/30 total flavour is 11.7% then at 60/40 total flavour should be 10%. Use it for the total flavour percentage. I did that because on the calc there is a adjust total flavour tool. So its easier to work with.

Sorry guys I got to go churn some vanilla bean ice cream for real. Good times.


@PascalP37 has a formula which breaks this down , maybe he could post it here again

Umm , the post above?


Link here

That table is exactly the same as the one I originally looked at. I plotted it and it is wrong. It has a dip at 75 for some reason and my tests did not bear that out. It’s definitely linear. Not in a v curve. This table inspired me to work it out and it just looked odd.

I can assure you that my numbers are good and will serve you well. Obviously not a perfect science, but s number that will be a good all rounder you can trust.


personally i cant tell a difference usually im 70 30 unless the flave total is under 10pct then ill do 80 20 or 75 25


Personally I wouldn’t change anything on the first attempt. You may find you can cut back on flavoring. But I would mix first then test. If anything, if the mix seems over flavored you can add a bit of pg/vg.


so either way they are just approximates , and subjective ???

Yes spot on, his values are about 1% per 10% but go higher above 75 and lower between 50 and 75. Both will work. I found his number a bit low for bust a nut. Though I think for others it will be fine.

I believe mine is a simpler method - 1.7% per 10 change no spreadsheet required and for most people they could do it in their head.

I’ve got a hunch fruits might require something a bit different. Will be testing that now. I Have a Strawberry based recipe with some other fruits that I’m going to apply my number too and move from 50/50 to 70/30 whipping that up tonight. So will Have a fair idea in a couple of days. Am happy to report back if anyone is interested. Else just let me know.


do you find adjusting the flaves makes the recipe taste as it should at the original recipes percents or does this change the recipe due to percentage changes ??? i only ask because the adjustments are made to make a 80vg 20pg recipe taste like a original 50/50 recipe and so on with that being said , the theory that when you change flaves by manufacturer and or percentages makes a new recipe is thrown out the window ( if that makes sense ) how i wrote this , Do you understand what im saying and would you lower that percent for super concentrates like MF and RF SC adding 1 to 1.7 pct to those would be pretty extreme ???

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I know what you are saying. I’d stick to the same number. It’s all relative. As you put lower percentages into mixes the begin with , regards to SC’s there totals are only adjusted by a small amount. Which is exactly what you want.

Say you need to boost a tpa flavour by double. You would go from say 5 to 10. A SC 1 to 2. Hope that makes sense.

Ok, here’s the deal PG is alkaline 10ph, VG is sweet. So yes you are making the base it sits in different. So it’s very hard to replicate 1 for 1. Alkalinity equals bitterness so by increasing that you make it more bitter and you also don’t have the sweetness. I find that adding a bit of sweetener, whichever one helps when at 50/50. You can decrease it as you get to 70/30. I don’t have a number for that. But find you can get away with just going with my number. Then what normally ends up happening is I add say 0.5-1 sucralose or 1-1.5 erythritol after the fact. With bust a nut I did not have to add any. It’s just a well rounded recipe to begin with. But if you want a 1:1 copy you probably should add some sweetness.

I’m so glad you asked that. As I hadn’t thought that through before you asked, and it’s linked the dots on why I found a need for sweetener. And also why my mixes were coming out a bit bitter. ta.

Saying that I’ve moved away from 50/50 anyway. I had that when I transitioned from stickies now at 65/35 I know I’ll be at 70/30 very soon. Just stubbornness prevents me.

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What a great response - thank you everyone esp. @Volition and @fidalgo_vapes !

Oh! - superb! - I just tried doing that adjustment with Mustard Milk - so easy and the new flav. % looks about right (to my very inexperienced mind). Thanks.

Me, me! (I tried mixing fruits 2 years back. I didn’t know what I was doing and got nowhere fast.)

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I have a problem with 70 vg in recipes to adapt them .How much percent do I use for 70 pg ? For example mustard milk 70 pg 30 vg 6 mg nic base , strawberry (nobacco) vanilla bean ice cream ( cappella) . Love to hear some advice . Thanks for reading .

I can help. What is the flavour total percentage of the recipe you would like to convert.

Using mustard milk as an example. First look at the flavour total percentage red circle 14%. You need to first work out how much you are changing PG. So from 30-70=40 then 40*0.17=6.8 lastly total flavour percentage 14 minus our result 6.8 equals 7.2.

If you click on the blue spanner, green circle first click “adapt this” then click the blue spanner again “adjust flavour total” change to 7.2 and voila.

Just a note though 70pg is very high PG and your alkalinity will be very high at that rate. I’d consider adding 1% sweetener to counter that.

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