Converting Juice for Low Powered devices

Hey guys, putting this in beginner even though I may not be quite that, sent some juice to my sister and she’s on a low power pod system, of course I’m on two violence coils cloud breather, she says while she can taste it not having much of a flavor hit. If I turn my wattage down way low I have the same thing. So what you think change to 60/40 and double the exact flavoring or maybe 1.5 the flavors? I’d like to make it as close as dammit to mine :slight_smile:


What device is she using ?? 60 /40 shld be fine . I mix 50/50 for most pod users. Post recipe . Doubling pct may get you there


Vladdin RE edition


Standard flavors might do well with “doubling” and…
changing the base to a 60vg40pg might help, maybe a 50/50…

Just do not double FLV, MF… as that would be too much flavor in a pod system.


I wouldn’t say double everything. But maybe double the top two ingredients. Remember that in pod systems they do better with more singular flavor notes. Making them overly complicated may not help and result in over flavoring.

For example…if you double the marshmallow here you may just mute everything.

For my mint recipie I just use spearmint flv alittle high, 27 fish cap at a normal percent, and vanilla shisha inw a little higher than normal.


IMHO, This is too many flavorings for a pod use. As @Chrispdx said, 1 or 2 most used ingredients in a recipe is what a pod user could taste. Custard, cream or dessert/bakery notes usually non existent, unless you use it very high.

If I adapt this recipe for pod, I would probably keep the raspberry or tutti fruity or tutti fruity gum, polar blast, sweetener (personally I would use super sweet capella here), and maybe bubblegum. As for the percentage, try 50% more first before you double or triple it.


Thanks for the help guys I will try the above! I’m guessing with much higher pg we want much longer steeping. Might make her some now and add nicotine when I can get it again?


Steep time would be same if not slightly improved…but not really. Only improved if your going from max vg to 50/50.


That would be the advice I would give too. Also, as a few have stated, I would do a 60/40 or 50/50. I am an MTL vaper myself and that is what I usually do.

I always add my Nic after the steep. Is that what you are asking?


Nicely said @delltrapp.


Yes it was :slight_smile:


Any chance this may work? I wanted to try a higher pg mix myself because my new mesh (which I never tried before) has zero flavor. So I thought maybe a higher pg would work for me, my sister like the same flavor as me :slight_smile:


I should double the strawberries in there hey?


Hey… lmao… :slight_smile:

ok check it out… if you click on your strawberries… it will take you to that flavor’s page…

you should see something like this:

now mind you, this is the general public’s ratings… it might get you into the ball park for your mixing.
I do not mix with standard flavors… so this is my disclaimer… try it out. You will not know unless you do.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained :slight_smile:

failing that… you can start low on a flavor and work up to see where you do like it. Depends on how deep you want to go into mixing.


Oh I use those strawberries quite alot :slight_smile: but thank you for the detailed reply! I wish I had a pod system to test on but my sister lives on the other side of the country :frowning:


More than welcome…

I’d just try to find a mtl tank… very very close to a pod set up… and experiment. :slight_smile:


I had to change up the strawberry thought I still had 100ml of ripe… Haha changed a bit. Made a gorgeous juice off the Snv. Tested it in the closest i have to a little pod system, flavor is definately cracking through, and it’s gorgeous on the mesh. The little flavor demon in me of course now wants to try it in my double violence coils haha. But certainly works for the mesh (wi need steeping) and here’s hoping it works for her pod. I really appreciate all the advice guys!


I only vape MTL but use RTA’s not pods. That said, most recipes I make that work well have a fairly high total flavour percentage (usually 20 - 25 % total flavour).

I find increasing TFA Strawberry Ripe too much seems to mute things, I use INW Shisha Strawberry to make Strawberry mixes pop more, it is quite strong and very present.

Pods seem to be similar to the older devices that were used years ago and needed simpler recipes with higher total flavour percentages.