Cookie (Biscotto) FA substitute?

I am looking to try the Pistachio Cookie recipe by RumRunner:

I am way over budget on concentrates this month so I am having to compromise and delve into my stash for alternatives. Will Joy (FA) be an OK replacement or would just increasing Sugar Cookie (CAP) be OK given that its just a 1% addition anyway?

NB. I dont know how to link to my flavour stash. Its public anyway.


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If you have AP, you could try upping the sugar cookie and adding a drop of AP. If not and you’re in a pinch, I say go for it. FA cookie to me is a little bit of a ‘darker’ cookie if that makes sense. It makes me think of chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips. It is a fantastic flavor and one that is definitely worth keeping on hand once you have more vudget for flavors. :wink:


@JoJo is correct. From my experiance cookie FA is hard to swap out. Cookie FA is a must have for your tool box.

You could add joy FA. But that is more funnel cake (if you can taste it) and can mess up the flavor profile for that recpie. AP will help. You could also add a itty bitty touch of biscuit INW…like so small it’s almost pointless…like 0.2 or 0.1…just to get close to the original intent.


Thanks. I will include Biscotto (FA) in my next order. Just threw together a 10ml variation with Joy and a fuerther 10 ml with 1.5% AP and 6% sugar cookie. Pistachio smells very marzipan. I will also include Biscuit (INW) as this crops up a lot.

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The closest flavoring to FA cookie is Inawera’s biscuit. They’re very similar.


how much pistachio did you use in it? I find it to be a flavor that lingers in my mouth and for quite a while.

I used 3% pistachio. Its steeping atm but the pistachio (TFA) smells pretty intense and more like a marzipan. I hear it vapes differently though.

Definitely, and Biscuit (JF) even moreso - less heavy with the butter (which I’ve vaped so much, it’s kinda :nauseated_face: for me now