Cookie (biscotto) sub?

Can anyone recommend a substitute for this flavour

I have everything I need to make a recipe except this. I have several Poe crusts, ap, butter, sugar cookie v2, etc.

This seems impossible to find in the uk; or at least I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Thoughts? The recipe is a tiramisu by d@ve (listed incorrectly previously, sorry) and it’s 1% in a total flavour mix of 12.4

Check cookies?


I don’t know about substitutes, but I just checked a couple places in the UK that I order from and they both had it. Nomnomz had it in stock and Chefs Flavours didn’t have Flavourart, but they had Flavour Creative Cookie, which is the same.


:point_up_2: This

All vendors are selling rebranded FA under different names (and at much cheaper price). Rebranded FA at Chefs is Flavor Creative, others have their own names (but almost any UK shop have it; you just have to check it out). If you’re from the UK, it might make sense to check theecig (worth to check since they have some pretty good prices there; FA there is Flavour Max)


Sorry, I should’ve said “they don’t have Flavourart in stock at this moment”, I thought it was implied


You dont have anything in your stash that will sub this out …


AP at lower percentages could work. 0.25 to 0.5%


Might like to look at:

Most commonly used with

|Meringue (FA)|24721|
|Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)|18245|
|Super Sweet (Cap)|17225|
|Biscuit (Inawera)|16383|
|Bavarian Cream (TPA)|15338|
|Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)|14242|
|Sugar Cookie v1 (Cap)|12437|
|Vanilla Custard (Cap)|12209|
|Vienna Cream (FA)|11657|
|Lemon Sicily (Limone Sicilia) (FA)|

I would sub the Sugar Cookie.


I wss thinking a touch of AP with Sugar Cookie might be descent but still not a " substitute"


Thank you for the help everyone. I did order from nomnomz as part of the process so either I missed it or they were out of stock and received more in.

The information about the rebranding is helpful, Google was not particularly helpful in this instance, I’m not sure how I missed it so readily, I wasn’t aware that this kind of rebranding was happening. I think I will order it but I need to find at least a few more flavours to put in the order as it doesn’t make sense for shipping just the one. Thank you also for the pointer to theecig- it’s a site I’ve missed.

It’s crazy that even with the stash I have I feel like I don’t have even remotely enough flavours! Aside from creating the recipe listed and a couple of others, I’m going to spend the weekend attempting to concoct something of my own.

Again, thanks for your help and patience while I learn my way around the process.