Cookie Recommendations?

I am looking for a good cookie flavor for a while now, but can’t seem to find one, it is very frustrating but maybe somebody can make some recommendations.

I have (FA) cookie, (INW) Biscuit, (Cap) sugar cookies v1 & v2, (PUR) cookie, (OOO) sugar butter cookie and of course I have graham crackers from different brands.

And while I could make my own base, sometimes I like to use a base and build from there to cut down overall amount of flavoring.

Unfortunately all these cookies mentioned above have this dark kind of note, hints of nutmeg or/and eggnog feel going on. I can’t really pin point what that flavor is that all of these have. Its very noticeable in FA’s cookie but the others have it as well. Anyways I really don’t like them. I tried adjusting my percentages, used flavors to mask that weird spice kind of note I’m getting but didn’t work.

I’m looking more for something like this:


A simple cookie base without spice, and icing of some kind. Does it exist? :thinking:


Zibelli cookie is an animal cracker type cookie and to my taste has no spice.
Another suggestion would be german flavors cookie it is my #1 go to for a plain cookie


This is going to be another subject I’m going to follow because I’m also interested in a good cookie flavor.
Since I vaporized Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart, I try to get that taste of the cookie, and tried several recipes for cookies, but I have not yet found that flavor I feel in this recipe.


It’s just graham cracker clear imo… I’ve tried a couple clones and that came pretty darn close.


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll check them out :slight_smile:


Just remembered RF SC shortbread cookie may suit your needs as well :wink:

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