Cooking the Cookie

I have been using RF SC Sugar Cookie and really been enjoying it. Before adding English toffee to it or some other flavor, I really want to hone in on the sugar cookie aspect and get that down, first.

The RF SC Sugar Cookie at 3% is good, but can taste a big doughy. I want to make it taste a bit more cooked rather than dough. I have considered adding a bit of RF SC Shortbread Cookie or perhaps a brown sugar to add the cooked aspect.

I have also heard that adding FA Amber can add a browned/ cooked aspect, but all the recipes I have seen this in are using it in more pie recipes (I think it was @Pro_Vapes who found this to work well).

So how would you go about getting a more cooked taste into something that tastes a bit to much like dough?


I was using INW biscuit in my old sugar cookie recipe, before I got the rf version. Perhaps that could help



I am new to mixing stuff together, I only know my stuffs as single flavours, but maybe you want something in there, that gives it a bit of a grainy texture, like Oatmeal Cookie?

But I’ll let the pros hop in on that one :slight_smile:


Caramel could help. Like a teeny teeny bit. I find caramel to make everything a bit burned-ish?


Hmmmmm, I was considering that as well but didn’t wanna give it a caramel taste. From what I remember, FA has that effect. Which caramel do you find tastes best for this and at what percentage?

I was also considering maybe a bit of FW Toasted Marshmallow, but I was thinking it might give more of a burnt than a cooked taste.


Capella. But actually all the caramels (to me anyway) kind of do that. Caramel is a burned sugar.


Welp, I have gone with something pretty straightforward for now, nothing too complex/ special, but it should get the ball rolling for a good Toffee Sugar Cookie.

Toffee Sugar Cookie-

Organic English Toffee, NF- 1.5%
Sugar Cookie, RF SC- 3%
Shortbread Cookie, RF SC- 2.8%
Toasted Marshmallow, FW- 0.5%

Going to make a second batch after I try this one with FA Caramel swapped out for FW Toasted Marshmallow. Going to see how it turns out first.

I tried using the copy as simple text feature, but nothing pastes. Can someone tell me how to better post recipes?


I like it!


HIC once replied that cookie fa gives a browning aspect to cake mixes. It might work with a doughy cookie also. I’ve used it with weaker cookie before just to add more bite.


I currently only have INW Biscuit, how similar are the two?

I’m not a fan of Inw biscuit. I could never figure that one out. For me the cookie fa is hard cookie with a dab of vanilla.


I do a lemon cookie mix that uses fa’s cookie, it does give more of a hard baked, crunchy cookie texture. I also do a shortbread cookie that uses a combo of inw biscuit and cap sugar cookie, but that one is a bit richer, and not as “crunchy”.


I’d try Pandoro by FA for a cooked cookie taste and perhaps the additive Acetyl Pyrazine. I keep it near my Nonna (cake) flavor. I’m not sure about Biscotto by FA. I never got Biscotto by FA, I only have it by FW. I do plan to get it when it’s in stock and i’m ordering. I love Pandoro a lot. Nonna seems to have licorice in it where Pandoro does not. It is buttery and good…a little salty. I’m not a good flavor describer, so look elsewhere before you believe all I say about it.


If your on your recipe page, select the entire url from the address bar at the top of the window, just copy that and paste it in the response area where your typing at.
It didn’t work lol… just came out like…


After testing both of these in singles i thought the same thing. Someone mentioned lemon cookies last night so i put this together, i havent mixed it yet as i was waiting until the weekend.

Glazed Lemon Cookies

0.2% Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
0.25% Golden Butter (CAP)
0.2% Lemon (MF)
0.25% Lemon Sicily (FA)
0.1% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)
0.75% Shortbread Cookie (SC) (Real Flavors)
1% Sugar Cookie (SC) (Real Flavors)
0.3% Vanilla Shisha (INAWERA)

Flavor total: 3.05% Fixed the link

I think this will be correct for the cookie %s, correct for my personal tastes, I was going to test it first but ive got no tester bottles left.


Yeah, IDK what is up with the recipe posting… Thought it was just me.

Adding the 3% RF SC Shortbread to 3% RF SC Sugar Cookie, did in fact make it taste a little less dough like while still retaining the sugar cookie vibe. Definitely different percentages than you, but the same idea. Will have to see how it is after a steep. Do you usually use RF SC Cookies at such low % with good luck?

I have been finding myself turning LA Cream Cheese Icing down in every recipe I make, it smells SOOOO good, but I keep finding it needs a lower and lower % than I previously thought.

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Im just playing around with some test mixes at much lower %s, in fact some of those will likely reduce before i mix it.

I like to use a touch of toasted almonds. Gives cookies that slight hit of bake taste, and the almond are so mild they won’t change it much. Sometimes improve it a bit. Some people say FA Cookie, but I get crunch from it, but not browned baked flavor.


And we can discuss this in detail during our tandem bike ride to real flavors in Michigan. I’ll bring along a new pretzel mix using the same technique you mentioned. The toasted almond to me made a big difference in making that pretzel more pronounced. I hope you are trained using automatic weapons as we will need it for the grizzly bears when we ride through the mountains


I want the recipe of that pretzel mix, pls ^^