Cool but Confused

I wanted to taste a nice strawberry banana so i mixed up a 15% flavor total of equal amounts ingredients below and I have something with a little flavor but ALOT :worried: of a koolada or cool main ingredient without putting any of it in the mix.

Anyone understand why.
Could it be one of the flavors spoiled and that’s what happens?

I am really confused right now.

Banana Flavor Concentrate (TPA)
Cookie (FA)
Custard Flavour Art
Strawberry (TPA)
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)

Try this

3-4% Banana Flavor Concentrate (TPA)
2% Cookie (FA)
3% Custard Flavour Art
5% Strawberry (TPA)
6-7% Sweet Strawberry (CAP)

You will get a lemony note from the custard, you could go 2% to reduce this.


Maybe one of your flavours has been accidentally mislabelled. It has been known to happen. I would suggest you put a drop of each flavour in a little water and swirl it around in your mouth to see if that is the case.


Will Try both suggestions.

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9% TFA and Cap total is almost equal to if not less than a single flavor mix. I think that’s why it wasn’t flavorful. I think it needs at least 15% of those to be flavorful.

I have been struggling with percentages as a rule of thumb it seems to be 20% flavor totals to get a nice balance of any mix. But I wanted to experiment with less to see if it would still be effective. Mainly because I listened to a podcast from DIY or Die interviewing Flavorah founder and he said they use WAY more flavoring in Analog Cigs than in E - liquids.

Also Wayne from DIY says the problem with new DIY ers is that they over flavor things. I am still learning the basics.

Flavor is very subjective and you should use what appeals to you. I have mixes from 4% to 27% total flavor. It also depends how concentrated the flavors are.


Thats why i wouldnt mind spending $20 for a 4 oz from flavorah but only if it would go twice as far as a $8 4 oz from tfa.

I tried to ask that of Flavorah owner but have not got a reply

I mean besides doing alot of individual testing its hard to know what Concentrations are from all these vendors.

A good pointer is to check the flavor detail pages on ELR :slight_smile: They will usually give you a good idea of the strength.

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I have yet to use more than 4% of any flavorah flavoring. I can’t say that about TPA, Cap or FW. Also you have to consider which is closer to the real flavor. FA, FLV and INW will beat these in most cases and you will use a lot less.

You can learn a lot about flavors in this review/notes section.

I just ordered from INW last week - any chance there is a U.S. based ordering center. Seems i have to wait for the BISCUIT e-concentrate, 10 ml 100 ml I ordered for some time.

Ty for that easy to understand % Recomendation. Have alot of Flavorah’s on the way. I actually ordered all of their flavors in the smallest size. And 3 much larger for a specific recipe.

Bull City is the only one with larger sizes. That was helpful so thank you.

One more thing. It isnt a large investment or a small one but i was looking into Hot plate / magnetic stirrers and wondered if you use them?

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Several members do use it, but I don’t. I froth my mixes and then use a 2hr hot ultrasonic cleaner steep. I don’t like doing 1 mix at a time. I have had up 12 mixes in my USC at once.

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Yeah I would do what you do but heard they burnout pretty quick. Maybe i am wrong.

Some probably do… If you buy a cheapo. Whenever it decide to burnout I’ll buy a better one. I paid $60 for mine… next month will make a year of heavy use. I doesn’t seem to be degraded yet.

I froth a mix in 15-20 sec and then a hot usc. You can get a week+ steep in 2hrs. My mixes come out clear and several shade darker. It works beautifully IMO.

Degasification… a magnetic stirrer can’t do this…

wow…first time looking at…first time looking at german flavors…they are pretty costly, even more than FLV…
and their nicotine is super high…
so this german flavors and molinberry flavors…anything in particular i should grab? any recommendations? i aint scared, lol…

EDIT: sorry about jumping in your thread…

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any recommendations on a USC? i seriously have no clue

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Wow I ordered it already. Good reviews on Amazon also.

Did you see this site yet. The cheapest I have seen for Bottles.

Whiterose I have no clue I follow certain recommendations from people I read or watch.

But I am constantly learning. How long has the German company been in business?