Cool watermelon with ws-23 tpa or koolada

Give me shit fine I’m sure there is a special spot somewhere for this topic but I’m giving away 3 mods 3 rdas and 3 juices tomo at6am. I need a idea what to make a cool watermelon recipe with 65mg nic salt i don’t even vape salts is there a difference between nic salt n reg? Guy wants cool watermelon nic salt he usually vapes 50mg salts which to me is dumb but i won’t use this last bottle of 65mg.salts in canada for me anyway. Plz help asap n % for cool? .5% 1%?


There is a difference between salts and freebase. Salts are made in a way that allows you to have more nic without cough farting. I dont do much salts as i dont use those kinds of devices, not that you cant use salts in subohm, you can.

Personally i prefer WS23 over koolada, koolada makes me cough. As for the %s i cant really help there, i use it very low but thats for subohm.


K im giving this away asvape strider and wotfo recurve. Works goods at 20w coil read 1.08 I don’t kno ohms law nor can I wrap my head around that AND learning to diy here. So…freebase 6mg?,


Koolada is no longer in my stash…Ws23 has replaced it completely


Well wish me luck.n he only gets 1mg until i kno if he likes it


Looks pretty good. I have 2 of those flavors and i have a gagillion flavors.


To make it cool definitely use WS23 (.5% - refreshing to 1,5% - Malaysian style recipes) , Koolada (1%) is based on WS3 which is menthol based, so unless you need some menthol in your recipe don’t use it.
But there are better option for a menthol based coolant, e.g. FA’s artic winter (0,25%-drinks/fruits 1%) , that uses Fresholat ML for the most part of it, and a touch of WS3 (or WS5 can’t remember, but prob WS3, not that “old”) or I also like FW Extreme ice (1%) but WS23 is more neutral.

Watch the Sweet Guava out, I guess you want to give it some thickness, but a layer (I think you thought it out that way) Cantaloupe/Sweet guava (a classic) at that %, might be too thick, overpower the watermelon and mute the cantaloupe, if you really want it, I’d personally keep it at 1% or avoid completely, but I’m an extremely KISS man though.

I looked at your stash, I’d also switch (my taste) JF’s watermelon with WF Watermelon (Yellow) , my 2c.