Copy recipe feature doesn't work on a Mac

I’ve tried using the copy recipe feature and the recipe is not copied into the clipboard. I have tried with both Safari & Firefox. No matter which copy I choose, simple text, HTML, nothing is copied. Any ideas what may be causing this? Potential workarounds?

I use a Macbook. It doesn’t copy for me using Safari and I don’t have Firefox to test, but it works on both Chrome and Opera. Guess downloading one of those would be my only suggestion until @daath gets a chance to look into it. Wish I could help more.

The copy to HTML (text) works fine for me in Safari on a Mac. Here’s what the results look like.

G Vanilla Custardy II

Ingredient %
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 2.5
Ethyl Maltol 10% 0.1
French Vanilla (TPA) 1
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 8

Flavor total: 11.6%

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What version of Safari are you running? Any special settings you’ve got on/off? I’ve tried several times now and it won’t work for me. :confused:

I’m on El Capitan and Safari 9.1. No special settings or plugins. Lars might have some insight into what the function is doing and what may be blocking it though.

@daath What magic technology are you using for the little blue wrench and the functions on the menu? Is there a plugin needed to make to work?

I use Grab. Click & Drag to make your selection. Select copy, and come over here in the reply field and Control + V.

Treat it like an image.

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I am using El Cap 10.11 & Safari 9.0. No dice…

I want to use “copy simple text” because I use Juice Calculator ( and the developer HotRod has just implemented a new feature to import ELR recipes from text files.

This is the simple text output from a Mac. I’m on 10.11.4. Save to HTML option is only one that doesn’t work for me.

Xmas Nog :

2% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
0.5% Brown Sugar Extra (TPA)
2% Caramel (FA)
2.5% Gingerbread Cookie (TPA)
5% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
1.5% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

Flavor total: 13.5%
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Copy feature uses Flash. So make sure you have that working.

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Well… are there any plans to omit flash in the future and utilize some other code to implement this feature? I prefer not to use flash if possible and have just recently removed it…

Will you be migrating to Animate CC when Flash support ends or another technology? Or too early to tell?

I need to find an alternative to ZeroClipboard (which is what I’m using)…