Coquito(Puerto Rican Eggnog) Recipe Help Please

I’m wanting to surprise my son in law with the below drink, what would be the best concentrates and best brands of concentrates to use ?. I can order almost the exact ingredients to transform the drink recipe into a DIY recipe. But, would that even make sense to do it this way. Coquito Recipe link below. I would really appreciate yalls input.
Thanks in advance.

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Yes. That is a good starting point. But plan on pulling up a chair. You will need to do lots of reading and mixing to get what you are looking for.

I wish I could help but I haven’t gone down this specific rabbit hole.
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@whosyourdaddy this is a good starting point for your next six months …I mean nailing it. Just in time for the Holidays (2018!) These kind of target recipes drive each one of us on our Journey. There is rarely a quick and easy answer …and I mean for something truly kickass. It looks pretty simple like just browse some folk’s eggnog recipes on here and add some coconut (milk). If whiskey is listed as a flav, substitute Rum. Balancing out all the pairs that are cancelling each other (muting/blocking) and finding that juuuust right amount of coconut milkiness you imagine will be the challenge …especially since something with this flavor profile looks like a long steeper (creams/custards)

Hurry up tho because I want to make this! :wink: Hmm some flavors to make it happen? Whipped Cream. The Cinnamon and Nutmeg flavor Notes should probably be in a single flavor (Eggnog XYZ?), but don’t take too many Flavor Labels literally. To get all the kids (flavs) playing nice you may want to stick to one or two Vendors like Flavorah (Eggnog?) or Real Flavors (Coconut Spiced Rum [RF] [SC]) …example there are several “Rums” but this recipe is just “White Rum” which could be a little tricky as “Rum” flavoring is usually the darker variety.

Could be a simple 3-4 flavor recipe with the right flavors

Whipped Cream 1-2%
Bavarian Cream 1-2%
Eggnog (median %)
Coconut Spiced Rum (RF) (SC) 2.5%

But that’s just a easy guess. The Subjective part is where your tastebuds (and mind!) has actually enjoyed Tia Rosa’s Family Famous Holiday Nog and your desire to make it a Vape. Sorry Bro, with at least 2 weeks steep time between each test batch …like @Chrispdx said above, THIS is the real Rabbit Hole, and your original Post is what pushed most of us over the edge …but guarantee you learn 100+ other things along the way. Happy Trails :wink: Looking forward to this one! There is another hot eggnog topic right now, lots of good single eggnog flavs being thrown out


Good deal, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a challenge. I actually figured by Christmas 2018 I may have it nailed. Once I do I’ll be more than happy to post it. My son in law just happened to mention his Dad’s home made coquito (which I drank) it was off the chain delicious. He actually used the meat off of the coconut and boiled it got it softened up and sweezed the ba-jesus outta it. I thought hmmm sounds like a good vapeable recipe,Why not ?! This outta be interesting


Yeah I am in an extended family of competitive cooks. Once you have had a piece of coconut cake made with hand shredded coconut, that stuff in a bag becomes a joke. I drank more than my share of Pina Coladas in the 80s …all that coconut cream in a can is surely still lining my arteries

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Oh yes the 80’s totally with you there.

That’s says alot totally awesome !

Also I want to thank you @Silhouette

Thank you @BoDarc

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Thank you @Chrispdx

I just realized I’ve got a bunch of concentrates coming. I better check and see if I’m getting some of the Concentrates y’all have mentioned.

I can tell I’m going to be doing alot of bending, tweaking and cursing (j/k) The funny thing is he doesn’t smoke,vape etc…but I did manage to get him to try a Adapted Tobacco RY4DOUBLE Recipe. And surprisingly he liked the profile. His dad doesn’t smoke,vape or do anything but chill and drink Rum and tinker with project cars. I believe eventually they’ll be joining us. Preferred Non Nicotine just lots of food & drink Recipes, I believe I’ll be mixing & learning as I go. You folks here @ ELR are totally amazing, All of ya !!

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I really enjoyed this recipe …hmmm may have to whip some up this afternoon!

Does sound interesting, what exactly does the Fugi Apple play a part of in the recipe ? Hope you don’t mind me asking.

The Apple is the front note on the inhale and the RY4 is the exhale with some good creaminess in the middle. I count these type recipes as “Easy to Like”

I’m really loving the RY4D, haven’t tried with apple. I bet it’s very interesting. Are you getting any nuttiness @ 3.50% RY4D ? I’m guessing the butterscotch is like really awesome with the RY4D ? Does it enhance the nuttiness in the RY4D ?

it’s been a while since I vaped it, but been meaning to mix a 120ml. It’s actually alot of butterscotch but that’s more of the middle body …not sure I would describe it as Nutty. Fuji Apple is a notorious strong flavor and might mask that a bit, but the RY4 Double is perfect on the exhale with this one …that’s what i do remember and that known power of the Fuji is balanced and not overpowering. SADPANDAVAPE has a great list of recipes …click this to check em out

Thank you sir