Corn milk any suggestions

Guys one of my friends is making diy of corn milk its awsome, any suggestions about the suitable reciepe for that

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…Ask for the recipe?


Yes i am asking for the receipe

I think Joel meant ask your friend for the recipe or maybe just some hints to get you started in the right direction.

What is corn milk?

If it is seriously milk made from corn, FA has a corn flavor. Paired with maybe TPA dairy milk, FA or Real Flavors condensed milk. Perhaps a little sweetener. I thought someone else had a cream of corn flavor but I can’t find it. I think One on One has a cornbread or corn puffs that might work?


they are your friend right ? so ask for the recipe from them

He is not telling me that, unfortunately he is selling me that but its awsome me, corn in inhale sweet milk in exhale he drives me crazy dude

I was thinking about may be acetyl parazine mixed with sweet corn and dairy milk, bavarian cream and sweet cream ofc, may be too some caramel original, really dunno, i am 3 years vapor and pretty much into diy so i am asking may be sone got it