Cotton allergy

I have allergy to Cotton. Gives me short breath and sore muscles the next day just like when I used to smoke. I tried Rayon as some here suggested, that gives me strange sharp feeling in my mouth. Hemp wick tastes like wood.
Silica works for me but it’s a pain in the ass to use, so what now? What else I could try? Wool (maybe wool directly from sheep), some type of hair (maybe from a curly dog)…as you can see I’m getting desperate for ideas :smile: Any tips are very welcome.

What kind of hemp have you tried? There’s a link to to a hemp wick in the below thread:

Not sure what Hemp, friend of mine brought it over. It wicked good and all but tasted bit woody/grasy. I find cotton wicks have taste too, but eventually goes away, the Hemp didn’t.

Well, how long did you use it for? Perhaps it has a longer “break-in” than cotton, or… perhaps its just an acquired taste… I hated beer once (a long long time ago!) till I got used to it.
Ive never used hemp for wicking, & maybe this is a rubbish idea… but, as a trial & error thing, I’d try dropping the watts or temp a bit - I dunno… maybe that might help minimize this flavor

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Although this might not be what you’re hoping for, but you could consider using SS mesh. Be it in a classical origen style or like in the NextGen. Know quite a few people who’re swearing by it - that’s assuming you’re going mechanical though. And making a mesh wick can be a tricky affair or challenging in the beginning. Some do also suggest to always have a backup around for when your origen or NextGen build isn’t working out…

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Hehe…I didn’t even think about mesh! :smirk: It is an option. I’m not going to say you shouldn’t try it, if that’s going to keep you off the stinikes @flavorhound1. Working with mesh was not my favorite period in my vaping history. But, it did move me from premade coils/ego twist/cartomizers into the RBA realm; or as people say, the “rabbit hole” of becoming a builder.

…would suggest watching a few vids on working with mesh; it can be temperamental and challenging; working out the hot spots is the issue. Sucking on any atomizer with hot spots on your coil is like breathing fire! :rage:

Goog luck and good wicking!:wink:

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The hemp I am using, listed above, is woody for a about 3ml. I don’t even do a burn to break it in like I do cotton and it goes away. That said, some of it seems more woody than other parts of the same bag.

ymmv, for all you know I can’t taste anything.

As for hot spots, amen to that, just learned it myself. A screw came loos in my tfv4 single coil RBA came loose after a week and everything I vaped was lung fire…never want to hit that again, I was so bummed. The single coil deck for the tfv4 is loosing g points with me pretty quickly.

I mostly drip with hemp, but I use it in my RBAs too.

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I used mesh almost four ears ego. Great flavor, pain in the ass to use tho. See to me like there is no other alternative than Hemp, I should give it another go and stick with it for couple of days and see.

Just thought of something (inspired by a posting on ECF on the NextGen), that might help. As mesh can be tricky to work with, I stopped using it for a while - then Temperature Control! Why didn’t I think of this myself? When you use non-resistance wire with mesh, you don’t have to oxidize it (that much)! Tried it out and it’s rocking!

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Any of you boil Kohgendo? I’ve tried it today. It lost the initial taste it has and so far no effects on me. Only been vaping it for two hours so hard to be sure but not getting any weirdness so far. It’s gone little whiter too, maybe it’s lased with something during process?

I have never boiled it…i’m guessing you do this because of your allergy? I use koh gen do, muji, and cotton labo and I think they are all great, but then again I don’t have an allergy to cotton. I cannot comment on the boiling of it, but I can say it is one of the best cottons there is IMO.

I’ll see how it goes in a day or so. So far it’s better but I’ve noticed it still gives my dry feeling in the mouth, only not as much. For the life of me I can’t figure out what the problem is. it’s not burning, only vaping it 7W right now in simple Protank coil.

Well, I wish you the best of luck and I hope it all works out for you!