Cotton Bacon and Temperature Control

I searched ELR forum and only found one mention of Cotton Bacon. So if I didn’t miss anything I want to encourage anyone who hasn’t tried this and also uses temp control to give it a whirl.

I recently was at a local B&M and had seen this stuff. Being the tinkerer I am, I thought for $6 I couldn’t really lose much. Now I haven’t tried it with a Kanthal build - only with TC. And let me tell you, I love this stuff. It’s very easy to work with, wicks great and doesn’t have any break in like Japanese cotton does…which by the way I’ve used exclusively for quite some time.

I have the version 2 so I don’t know what the original Cotton Bacon was like, I can just attest to this stuff. I would love to hear from anyone else who may have tried this in subohm Kanthal builds. I’m interested in how it holds up under pressure.


I’ve heard of it but didn’t pay mind to it. You have me interested. Things change so fast it’s hard to keep up. Gotta love it.

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I like Cotton Bacon. I have a lot of the japanese cotton (pads) as well and IMHO, the bacon is much much cleaner on first vape.

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Agreed. Not just cleaner though. This stuff has ZERO taste and can be vaped immediately after wicking. So far I love it and don’t think I will dip into my stash of Yapaneeze before buying my next pouch of bacon.

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How’s it going I have been running in to wicking problems with titanium all the sudden. about two months ago got some cotton bacon v2 absolutely thought I had hit gold great stuff now only with titanium .1/.15 22 ga builds seems I need to rewick about every 20 /30 mils I keep running in to not getting enough juice and losing flavor and vap I was wondering what your experience .is I run between 330 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit punch set 75 watts run 45 any input thanks

Some of my tanks the solution was drilling out the rba juice fill holes to make them larger. Same symtoms you describe…

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I hear you my kanger has been drilled but even on my mutation indulgence RBA huge juice wells about first 12 mils of juice works great then I noticed I start losing flavor as well as vapor. And keeps cutting back till just replace the cotton got me baffled

…and your cotton cant keep up?
I think you’re tasting carbon build up on your coils, not cotton.
And your loss of vapor reinforces my point.

OK got my attention but why so quick and I do not clean the coils just replace the cotton and it is carbon up or dirty.but there is no cotton taste or any other taste it what I call temperature control dry hit nothing no burning no flavor no vapor nothing re cotton back to working good for short time and that’s Why I am saying wicking problem in 20/30 mils same juice on kanthal at least 90 mils of juice same cotton working great

Are you sure it’s dry cotton? if so If you are not using 3mm ID then you should try that. Sometimes the problem can be not enough juice in the actual cotton inside the coil itself. If that is dry then you will not get vapor.

If you think it’s possible your coils and cotton are actually getting juice then first off, @5prock3t is correct in saying your coils can have build up on them and produce less heat. Truth be told running your temperature 330-350 seems quite low when the majority of the people here on ELR are running 480-560 range. Is the Temp Protection kicking in when you try to vape? I know my build will at that temperature. What happens if you boost the temperature? Do you get even less vapor or do you get more vapor? Titanium does seem to build up pretty quickly. A lot of these guys around here recoil weekly. My guess is if you are getting juice then a higher temp will produce more vapor even if the coils are coated some…

Other things to consider if you actually are getting juice is are they spaced coils, I recommend Spaced for tc mode titanium. Less chance of hot spots. You’re not suppose to dry fire Ti so it’s best. Check terminal tightness of course. Hope this helps, it’s all I can think of without seeing the mod in action…

No you are dead it is not getting juice to the coil there 3 mil center on the mutation indulgence RTA mis type 430/450 sorry and 2.5 on the Goliath v2

Brain fart 430/450 sorry

I ran into this when I started wicking too tight in the coils. I run a looser wick now and everything is lovely again.


Your cotton looks fine, right?
So its not burning, right?

Have you tried dry pulls to prime the cotton?
And it helps a little, but then a short while later that ill taste?

For one, your temp is too low to be a cotton burnt taste.
BUT because its so low your coil is gumming up and getting dirty.
Nobody ever mentions this but me, and I dont understand the TC appeal because of this…but the only way I can explain it is to compare coils(and tc) to spark plugs.
There is a temperature range where a spark plug is self cleaning, too cold of a range and the plug will oil/gum up and foul out.
At 600° a coil is not self cleaning, the coil gets dirty and vapor production is reduced.
If you were using SS you could dry fire and watch the carbon flame up, turn to a light ash and then you could rinse it off, and youd get more distance on your wick interval.

IMO, changing your wick is not unlike dry pulling/priming the coil, its getting more juice to the coil, but it never really solves the issue.

And granted, your 350° could be hella hot with tcr adjustments and tricking the mod into thinking your coil is of different resistance…so ymmv.
But im pretty sure you didnt have these issues with wattage mode before tc.

And I could be entirely wrong…so go ahead and experiment with different wicks and techniques…I know I did.

[edit] 450° isnt very hot either…im pretty sure self cleaning temps are @ or above 700°.
So try vaping at as high of a temp as you can handle, and I bet you’re able to squeek your interval along further.

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Thanks that’s exactly what it is like but only after 15/20 mils of juice or not even a day for the first little bit since I started 22 GA spaced best flavor ever just don’t last long I am doing something wrong

OK, just trying to cover the bases. Perhaps someone else will have a idea for you…

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Personally I would run that temperature up to at least 450 and do as Pro_Vapes says and loosen your wicking just a touch. Sounds to me like your getting good vape up to the point where the cotton swells a bit.




And this very well could be it too…as ive also had this issue, coupled with coil carbon.
But with TC you wont taste burnt dry cotton unless something is wrong with your settings.

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You know that’s a good description because it is almost like his fouling the cotton had to drop the heat when I started to build .1 /.15 maybe I need to get back to .07 but I really like this flavor if I can get it to last longer