Cotton Bacon Prime

I would like to share with you today, MY first thoughts on the new Cotton Bacon Prime.

I have used Cotton Bacon (CB) since the version 1 first came out. I moved on to CB version 2 when it first came out and have used it ever since.

Many folks on ELR know that I vape juice (cinnamons and NET’s) that gunk coils bad, so I re-wick a lot more than most of you do. I do all of my set ups at least once daily and my 2 main setups that I carry with me 2 and sometimes 3 times a day depending on how much I vape.

Only time will tell if I make the switch to CB PRIME but this is my first impression.

The 2 setups I carry with me every day. The left one will get CB V2 and the right one will get CB P.

The only difference I can see in the strips as they come out of the package is the new Prime does appear smoother, straighter maybe fluffier. Kind of hard to see what I am trying to describe in the pics.

Pulling them apart seems very similar

Now we begin to see a very different texture. CB V2 on the left and CB P on the right. What I am seeing is the CB P is a much smoother, cleaner cotton. When you pull it from the new strip there is less fine cotton particles released in the air. The cotton fibers are straighter, finer and more uniform.

Close ups so you can see the difference for yourself.

Cotton Bacon V2

Notice what looks like tiny little chunks in the fibers

Cotton Bacon Prime

You can see the fibers are much straighter and no little tiny chunky looking stuff.

Wicking with it is identical, I see no difference at all.

I can tell you there is no bad taste at all and it seems to wick about the same. I will update this if I see any difference as the day goes on.


i will be watching , CB2 changed the rda experiance for me i never got a good vape until i used it , if the prime is better ill have to try it ty for sharing


I always found that CBv2 held back on flavor, muted a little bit and not only during break-in but throughout the wick’s lifespan.
Do you notice any difference with prime, does it give you a crisper flavor or is it exactly the same experience besides the look and feel of it?


This post went up live as I was first using it, so I am only about 30min in on vaping it right now.

I have never found any muted flavor or break in period with CB V2 like there was with CB V1 so maybe I am not the best one to answer this.


Yes I know you like your CB :slight_smile: Everybody has their own favorite.
My question was not so much if you think that CBv2 mutes, more if there’s an improvement in flavor or identical.
If the flavor is a step up, I might give it a try. If it’s the same I’ll pass on it.


Been using CB2 forever, love the barely any break in time. But the little cling ons…
Please keep up posted on if Flavor is enhanced any ? Which is really my main reason if I was to make the switch.


Well if not you at least can grab the cb2 out of the bargain bin @ 3 bucks while everybody else is grabbing that $6-9 prime :wink: wish I still would be using it, cb2 has never been that cheap lol

Thanks for the cotton bacon prime preview, wvsanta


Cotton Bacon V2 I recently caught several bags for $1.99 ea. With shipping. So I stocked up… once you see all the cotton Bacon’s click on related. And just look around. $2.00 ea right now. Couldn’t provide a link. I’m on the WISH App.


Also forgot my wife also found on eBay .95 per pack cotton bacon V2 free shipping. All about saving $$$ bought 5 more bags.


Five hours ago.

After 5 hours of normal vaping. For me with the juice I am using this is about normal at the 4 hour point for the CB V2 so CB Prime does not seem to gunk up as quick but I am not doing a side by side test with equal puffs and identical set ups and juice. Keep in mind this is a set up and juice I vape every day so I am very familiar with it.

Now the answer to the big question everyone has. Is the flavor better?

My best answer is different for sure.

I won’t say better or worse but what I can say is I taste very subtle flavor notes in the juice that I did not taste while using the Version 2.

I will also go as far as to say in my opinion it soaks up juice faster and gets juice to the inside of the coil better than the Version 2.

This is the best I can do for you all on short order. Please keep in mind this is only 5 hours after first wicking with the Prime. I will post another update after I have a few days of playing with it.


For me, Prime is more absorbant, soaks up juice quicker, and provides slightly better flavor, it also seems to last longer.


That’s a definite gotta try it out for me. Sure do appreciate you doing this review. BTW, what setup are you running on the above ? Kanthal ? SS ? Because if I’ve gotta build I like the simpliest Flavor build. I despise building !! Again TY so much


In your opinion is the difference that much that is worth the extra money ?


Thanks so much for doing this! I have been wanting Prime since it came out, and while I totally understand that the differences will be subtle, I still don’t like the break in of V2, even though it is minimal and lasts such a short time. This is really helpful for some of us that have been on the fence. :+1:


For me it’s worth it, a bag of cotton lasts a long time, so the difference is not so important. Also, if it lasts longer you won’t use as much. But as with everything vape related, it’s a matter of personal taste.


By now most of you know I re-wick the above set up at least twice a day because the juice I use gunks coils QUICK.

This morning when I first got up I re-wicked this set up for the first time. I was still getting good flavor and the coil and wick were not horrible yet, still vapable. I did it just to try a new fresh wick with the Prime in the hopes of being able to answer the never ending break in period question that always comes up on the topic of any wicking material.

Going 24hrs without re-wicking is not NORMAL for me so I was more than surprised by this. My NORMAL is more like at least twice a day and most of the time three times a day. That fact by itself is enough for me to make the switch.

Sorry but I had not had enough coffee yet and never thought to get pictures, but truthfully it was no worse than the picture I posted above after 5 hours of use.

Wasp Nano - 7 wrap SS 316L 24g - spaced coil - VT Inbox in temp control mode 450 to 470 degrees Fahrenheit and that is about 20 degrees cooler than I ever ran the exact same set up with CB V2.

I may be the only person in vaping that does not fully understand what people are talking about with BREAK IN TIME. Please explain what you are referring to. Off taste at first use? How fast or well it sucks up juice? I have had people answer this question both ways at the local vape shop so I just want to clarify this.

Break in time CB V2 compared to CB Prime.

I refer to break in time as how fast a wick transfers juice to the center of the coil consistently. That being said CB Prime does definitely do this faster then CB V2 but the difference is very minimal.

If however people are referring to the OFF TASTE at first use all I can do is share what I believe this issue is.

This is not going to be a very popular answer and many people will undoubtedly disagree.

@SthrnMixer explained this a long time ago and his solution worked for me and it is real simple. Wash your hands very good with soap and water and do not touch anything other than a clean towel to dry them and then your cotton.

Personally I use Dawn Dish liquid because it removes skin oils better than anything I have ever found and it works.

I totally agree with you. The wick and wire are the cheapest part of vaping.

Now to wrap this up at 24hrs into using the Cotton Bacon Prime.

Cotton Bacon Version 2.0

Break in time ( off tasting)---- To me there is none

How well it wicks------I think it is good but CB P seems better

How long it last------For me nothing last very long but no worse than any others I have tried before this

Cotton Bacon Prime

Break in time -( off tasting)— To me there is none

How well it wicks------ To me it does this noticeably better

How long it last------ For me and my heavy gunking juice at least twice as long

I will be making the switch to CB P once my CB V2 is gone. While the difference is subtle to say the least, because I like them both. The CB Prime does seem to last twice as long for me and my heavy gunking juices.


This. At least for me, CB2 takes about 3-4ml of liquid through it before I can no longer taste the cotton. :wink:


If you experience an off flavor with CBv2, have you tried using a little less cotton?

If I don’t stuff the coils too hard, it does not give me any off taste with CBv2. If I really stuff the coils I do get a slight off flavor, and not only that, it strongly mutes the flavor of the juice too. The off flavor is less though than with regular organic cotton, but after break-in, it also provides less flavor than regular organic cotton.

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i get not off taste from CB2 either. , as a matter of fact its probably the reason i like it so much.


I meant the flavor during the break in period, I have used Cotton Bacon and V2 since they came out, so it’s all I’ve used for a while now. I made sure to stress it’s very minimal, like very light but still there, and usually only lasts the first 1-2 droppers full. That’s all. It’s better than any cotton I’ve previously used, so there’s that. I guess I’ll give it a whirl.