Cotton Candy (tpa) vs. Cotton Candy Circus (tpa) vs Cotton Candy LA

Are cotton candy and cotton candy circus by tpa both considered E.M.?


From what it sounds like, yes, but I cannot say that 100% definitively. From the similarities in the “It is not a strong flavor” paragraphs, that’s the vibe I am getting. Here’s the descriptions from TPA.

Cotton Candy:
This is made from ethyl maltol, diluted to 10% in PG.

It is not a strong flavor, since ethyl maltol won’t dissolve in PG at higher concentrations. It is used as a mild sweetener and smoother for harsh flavors. Our Sweetener is sweeter than the Cotton Candy.

Circus Cotton Candy:
This is a different style of cotton candy that is more similar to “Blue” Cotton Candy.

This is not a “strong” flavor. It is made with ingredients that are crystals/powders, and if we try to make it much stronger then these crystals will start to “precipitate” out.


I just have to throw this out there, hopefully someone has some experience with this, but I hear that LA Cotton Candy is NOT just Ethyl Maltol? Would anyone who has tried it care to elaborate or have any comments on the taste?

Will find a source for where I picked up on this if anyone is curious, just have to dig a bit…

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in reddit I’ve found this:

Cotton Candy is just 10% EM.

Cotton Candy Circus contains:
PG 76%-82%
Ethyl Vanillin 9%-15%
EM <5%
Benzyl Benzoate <2%
Cyclotene 1%-10%
Piperonal <2%
Benzyl Alcohol <1%

So yeah should be a little different but I didn’t find much difference in them