Coughing with first vape of the day?

After I’ve been vaping for a while throughout the day, I can crank my wattage up, gets lots of vapor, and really enjoy it. When I take my first vape after waking up, though, even at low power, I inevitably cough, and it’s just not a pleasant experience. My first cigarette of the day, however, never used to make me cough. Any thoughts as to why this might be? Perhaps I’m sensitive to PG? (I vape 70/30 VG/PG; perhaps I should go max VG?).

Same thing happened to me when I started vaping. I COULD NOT inhale vapor when I woke up, but I could inhale smoke.

I personally think your body has to adjust to inhaling vapor and I also think your brain being addicted to the crack sticks wants the bad crack back. Addiction is a crying baby, there’s no reasoning with it.

That’s what I “think”.

I can vape in the vape in the morning now but there is still some whining going on with that evil demon smoke voice… It says… “really? come on for god sake …this isn’t the same”. And then I say " shut up, no… we are not getting a migraine quitting again".


@Maureeenie Exactly. It wasn’t until I started vaping and experienced my first-thing-in-the-morning vape/cough routine that I ever thought I would describe a Marlboro Red as “smooth”. After 30 years of 3-pack-a-day cigarette smoking, though, I’m sure my lungs are so damaged that I’m reticent to attribute any adverse effects to vaping specifically.

Tobacco companies are evil. In the old days everyone you watched on TV and in the movies smoked, and they gave soldiers “Tobacco rations”. They made sure a long time ago if you got hooked you weren’t forgetting about it.


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For me, this is one of the advantages of temperature control. For example, in the morning with a Ni200 coil, I will most likely drop the temp to 400-410°F to be comfortable, but as the day goes on, the temp will increase to the 470-490 range to be satisfying.

Maybe it’s just the way we are wired. I know people who like a mild breakfast blend coffee in the morning but then prefer a bold dark roast after supper.

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I used to for the first few months after I quit the stinky sticks. It cleared up after a while. The one thing I could vape was no nic pure VG I used to keep a tank loaded with it and take my first 6 or 8 vapes off of it. Then go to what ever ADV I was going for that day turn the power down about half of what I normally vaped and by the end of the second cup of coffee I was back at my norm. I noticed how much different I felt in the mornings after a few months and one morning tried the flavor/nic juice with great success and no more coughing. I have been known to fat finger my mod and turn it up by accident now that can still get a good round of coughing out of me or that wonderful everlasting dry burned hit we have all experienced gets it too. Best of luck with the cough. How long have you been vaping? What VG/PG/nic do you vape also.

Anything like this maybe?

“Although it’s not common, some people seem to cough more than usual soon after stopping smoking. The cough is usually temporary and might actually be a sign that your body is starting to heal.”

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@GPC2012 This makes sense. I might try the pure VG thing as an experiment to try to narrow down what the issue is.

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too true, and @MarkM if you just switched some of that coughing could be the junk leaving your body.

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I found that with cigarettes I had a morning cough, a couple of weeks after switching over that went away. Kind of nice after 40 years of analogs.

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I never smoked cigarettes. Cigars and pipe, I couldn’t inhale smoke. I still smoke both, but have far less desire so. I didnt start vaping to quit, I started as a lazy man’s hookah, which I was pretty into. I still plan to make my own hookah tobacco someday.

For me, I’ve noticed that I can take big lung hits of 6mg, but the first two or three puffs need to be small or I will cough like crazy. I can a feel a change in my lungs immediately on the first hit, then one or two more and I can do whatever. I feel like vaping is probably a more efficient nic delivery system, and your body just needs to get used to it after 8 hours of breathing boring old air.

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The human species naturally takes a big deep breath of air to relax - or just to stop a stress reaction, we have also been smoking “something” essentially since cave men found fire. I honestly think if the evil tobacco companies hadn’t started putting all those additives in the filters 30 years ago (like analgesics and sugar) most people wouldn’t be able to inhale them. I know the stuff they put in those filters is a drug with a pain killer because my lungs only ever hurt right after I quit!

I do believe sub ohm vaping is a good delivery system of nic. I had a lot of trouble staying away from the butts when I was still using 1.8 ohm coils tho…

I was the same way when I started vaping and honestly it took a good 6 to 8 months to clear up but I was a very heavy smoker 2 to 3 packs a day for well over 45 years. I believe it is just your body healing and will get better with time. It just takes longer for some people than others.

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I’ve been vaping 6 mg at 0.5 Ohms for quite a while now, and just to experiment I made up a batch of 3 mg liquid last night. We’ll see how it goes (in terms of coughing, that is; I don’t really rely on vaping for my nicotine much - I have my English snuff and Swedish snus for that). It could be that I have PG sensitivity. I guess I could vape a bit of pure VG to see if that might be the case. I just realized I’m thinking out loud right now, so I’ll end this up!

I was just thinking about this…(this is going to sound kind of gross) but …you are actually quite lucky if you can cough out some of the tar is what my doctor told me. Mucinex is an OTC that actually helps you expectorate yuck in your lungs. Your body makes a histamine reaction when it’s trying to get rid of something. It’s why those stabby little pollen grains make you sneeze. The mechanism that makes the phlegm is trying to protect you from what it perceives as a toxin or irritant to your body. It does it in your sinuses and your lungs. (And even a rash)

If the cough is “productive” (which means bringing up phlegm) that’s actually good as long as it doesn’t go on too long because then … you can get infections from too much fluid you cant get rid of. In my case once in a while I have to use steroids to “halt” that reaction.


The Sinus Infection Queen


You are correct Ms. Mucinex is the name brand highly advertised over-priced brand. The active ingredient is Guaifenesin and it’s available as a “non-drowsy” cough syrup or just labeled “expectorant” (in the cough syrup section) Mucinex is like $12 and Guaifenesin is like $2. Hey? @therabidweasel you may just be getting WELL? :thumbsup:

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I have terrible allergies sometimes. Mild allergies all the time. When I wake I have noticed I cough when I vape too. It is because of a bit of sinus drainage overnight. Once I clear things out all is well. Gross, but hey, I’m getting older and don’t give a shit. If I start talking about hemorrhoids just mute me.


Ha! That was the best gross ever!

This sinus cleaner reminds me of something… wait, wait… dont tell me…